Wood stoves with electric fans

(pete thomas) #1

Does anyone have experince of these can you use them if there is power cut

(Paul Lewis) #2

Do you mean a wood stove with an electric fan built in? Never heard of one of those? Or do you mean the fans which sit on top of the woodstove and circulate heat around the room/house. These are powered by the heat generated by the stove and start spinning once the woodburner gets up to a decent temperature.

(pete thomas) #3

Electric fan built in

(John Withall) #4

Pete, I think you know the answer as they are electrically powered. Relatives had all the fans pack up years ago. It’s surprising that the thermo electric generators haven’t been used by a stove manufacturer yet to power the fans, maybe it’s just to advanced for them at the moment, give them another 50years to catch up!