WOOL + Where to buy?

A friend of mine is learning to spin & is looking for wool to buy ‘from the sheep’ so to speak. She would prefer organic if this is possible.

Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks

Should be easily available as lots of spinners in France. If you’re nearby there’s a wool festival in a couple of weeks time. Here’s link… and if not the website gives details of wool sellers who will be there.

Also many others, eg:



I get mine from a local spinner, (and from my dog). So might be easier to ask a spinner local to you.

This looks like a winning bundle on Amazon.fr:wink: Loads of the stuff on there!

Wool on Amazon

That’s knitting wool that’s already been spun. For spinning you need raw wool, carded or uncarded.

Ahhhhhhhh many apologies - what a dick! I missed the spinning thing and freely admit I know tot all about it!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well after extensive research (!) we’ve got a place that sells it just down the road - loads of others with a quick google.


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Yes, spinning is popular and I think for small producers there’s a better profit margin on selling small amounts of wool to individuals than a few whole fleece, so loads available.

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A whole new world…you don’t know what you don’t know eh? :wink: (I certainly don’t!)

Very grateful for all your replies, tried Google but obviously asked the wrong question! Not close to some but willing to order by post/internet.

Will pass all details on - thanks again!


Try fibres pour filer