Wordpress - any knowledgeable users here?

(Kathryn Dobson) #1

I banging my head off the keyboard trying to set up a WP blog theme for Equine Rescue France and need some help! I’m sure someone else will spot the problem immediately but I just can’t see it!

(Kathryn Dobson) #2

No spelling mistake as I’ve c&p-ed in case of some blip. Folder permissions I’ve played with but wouldn’t rule out. .htaccess hasn’t caused me problems before but you never know. Think I’ll be ringing 1&1 tomorrow (and wishing they spoke English!).

Thanks for the help Keith.

(Kathryn Dobson) #3


We’ve got two ERF sites, the blog on wp.com and a website which is separate which isn’t ideal. For ages I’ve wanted to combine the two and get off wp.com so we can have whizzy plug ins. Having done bees, I thought that themes nowadays allow for the combination of site & blog so I’d tackle the ERF site. But my optimism is being dashed slightly as I can’t even get wp to laod :slight_smile:

I do have plan b which is just to develop the site live in situ (as I’m wondering if it is a hosting issue) but it doesn’t look very professional :frowning:

Of the two ERF sites, we all prefer the blog - the mistylook is a great theme (as you know!)

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #4

It’s by invitation only Ian!

(Kathryn Dobson) #5

WP 3 is now uploaded to http://www.equinerescuefrance.org/wordpress but I can’t access the install.php (which I can see via ftp is there). I get 404 - you can access it too and see if you get the same. I’ve tried changing permissions from 777 to 755 and back again to no avail.

Edited to add: ERF is static

(Ian Gillis) #6

Blimey, Kathryn, I think I’ll go and sulk in the Jargon-disadvantaged Ladies Sub section!
I like Mistylook that you’ve used for http://equinerescuefrance.wordpress.com/ but http://www.beesinfrance.com/ is very clean and clear. Can’t you just change the theme on http://equinerescuefrance.wordpress.com/ ? The http://www.equinerescuefrance.org/ does need an update, or an import into the “bees” theme.
http://stecolombedevilleneuve.wordpress.com/ (Mistylook again!)

(Kathryn Dobson) #7

You’re one step ahead Keith - I can’t install wp in my subdirectory.

I’ve got ERF current site running on www.equinerescuefrance.org and I was hoping to install WP in www.equinerescuefrance.org/wordpress so that I can discuss some things with the team. Then I planned to just change over and point ERF.org at ERF.org/wp as I have done on beesinfrance.

I have done some development of the theme using WAMP but obviously I can’t share that with a larger audience so I was just going to upload the relevant files to the /wp/themes after installing wp. I’ve installed several other WP blogs on this host so think I have got it right (set up mySQL, amended config file etc.) but I’m getting a 404 error and am now wondering if I’m being too simplistic?

(Kathryn Dobson) #8

I’m fine once I can get it installed, it just won’t install from a subfolder and I don’t understand why. Bees in France is a WP theme and I’m trying to replicate on ERF but develop it in a subfolder before switching over onto the main domain.

Having just uploaded it all though, I see they’ve release WP3 today!

(James Higginson) #9

Sorry can’t help, but I have it in my head that Bob Toovey has a grip on Wordpress.

He’s been very quiet today though, all shout Bob!! http://www.survivefrance.com/profile/BobToovey

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #10

Sorry, wordpress

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #11

I’m on Wodpress. Do you mean a header???