Wordpress Feedback

Hi All.

To start, I shall set the scene. I sit at my workstation everyday. Possibly up to 18 hours, and rarely hit the sack till 5 am. I have a Big Mac, linked to another, an Ipad, and to my left a MacBook, which is my open channel 'D' hotline to Brian Milne.

I am obsessive. Everything I do is gratis. I know it rubs some folk up the wrong way, but I can't help it, I do everything from websites, Corp IDs, Branding,Wordpress,Blogging..all for what I deem to be worthy causes. Mental? maybe.

Here's the point. I am now daily inundated with feed back from some of my Wordpress sites. I am talking swamped. All of the feedback is positive, but I do check the source, and if I find an out link to something unsavory such as pawn, or radicalism I fire it straight into the spam box, as I do with anything that smacks of 'link buying'.

I do take the time to respond to each comment, most are glowing and seem genuine. What concerns me is that a lot of these comments are poorly worded, often repeated verbatim by another commentator. Clearly somewhere down the line I have hooked into some outfit ( staffed by people or perhaps an automated comment generator? ).

Oddly, all is this work is perhaps futile, in that I have nothing to sell as such. I don't want to monetise, (even though I ought ) Perhaps I don't even have an understanding as to what the blog platform is all about. I just assume it's a facility to get a message across, which one hopes is bounced on to blogland?

The reason for this Post is that I am spending more and more time answering these comments, and am not sure if I am wasting my time, or have been sucked into some sort of scam?

I know within SFN we have many professional writers and bloggers, who know what they are doing, so my call is to them for a little insight into this matter.

Thanking you anticipation.


still swamped. Anyone got a Babel Fish, or can speak Yoda?

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@ Martin Jarvis

So sorry Martin I completely missed your comment. What you suggest ( I think it may have been mentioned elsewhere ) sounds the right thing to do. Thanks for the tip.


I subscribe to 'Mighty Deals' who do offer some exiting web related stuff. This 'demo' and opportunity to purchase a 'WP" landing page template may be of interest to some. Haven't tried it, but I have enjoyed many Mighty Deals' offers, in the past.

Anyroad, must dash, I'm field testing the Viagra samples I have been sent by my Wordpress following.

how can this not be genuine??

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Hi (all ) I have 320 'comments' in this morning...do I just ignore them?

Hi Ron.

It's likely that the vast majority of what you receive is spam. If (as it sounds) your sites are non profit making then I would recommend installing the free version of the Akismet plugin (from the makers of WordPress) and then getting an activation key from akismet.com and plugging it in to your site. This will automatically screen your comments as they come in, so you should only be left with genuine comments. This isn't 100% foolproof, but it will save you tons of time - so maybe you won't need to spend 18 hours a day at your computer :)

Another cluttered inbox, it seems as if the vast majority is spam,
here's and example from YODA!

"nike free run when I was young I very love this casual brand it is, and I introduced him to rest every hobby brand, nike free run ,I really like him"

The word Nike links to a virtual shop selling Nike goods. The comment has in it the words Brand and love, two topics I am blogging on right now, and am 'tagging' accordingly. From what it seems then, is that a programme is picking up on key words, creating some text and firing it back as a comment?

I wonder if comments have any worth at all? I realise that when monetizing ( if desired ) methods take on many guises, and profiting isn't always the driver.
I would be interested to know how individuals 'perceive' the ethos/raison d'etre ( no hat Finn ) of their blogging activities. And if you are setting goals, how are you achieving those?

I'll try it, thanks

The ones on the link all look spammy, I imagine there are bots posting the stuff wherever it can, can you add captcha authentication or something?

is it worth opening or approving any 'comment' ? Cheers James BTW

I just Googled a portion of that post Ron and it appears a lot, I would say it's spam.

I presume it's ok to paste this in, but I've had another page full of these comments , this is off the top of the list. Is it just Spam?

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you're shouting at me

such as?

Yes Brian you have mentioned LinkedIn B4 and I appreciate that security would be more of a requirement due to your standing.

I'm just mucking about. Although the more I think about it the more I fancy the challenge of doing a WP site just as a piece of Art, you can animate, add film... ooo.

AVOID web visibility enhancements, that was our undoing!

Some of our members are masterful at creating say, FaceBook likers ( followers ? ) I mean in their thousands. I guess these have the same interactivity potential as Wordpress that you can liaise one to one, or send a message out, and field the response.