Work from home with French Holiday Directory Telesales

Hi guys,

If you’d like to work from home for our French rentals website - - commission based, get in touch!

Our rates are very good and increase with performance.

Please get in touch if you’re interested. Thanks, Rikki

Hi Rachel,

I am indeed! If you could drop me an email via my site, I can send you some more information. If you could include some of your previous relevant experience in the email, that would be great!

Thanks, Rikki

hi Rikki

i am interested,you can inbox me the details

Hello Rikki

Yes it has arrived. Many thanks, I will peruse it and get back to you!

Hi Jinny,

I just resent you the message I sent you. Let me know if you get it!

Thanks, Rikki

Hi Rikki
No absolutely nothing at all. Could you possibly try again?

Many thanks

Hi Jinny, I replied straight away… did it go to your junk box? Rikki

Hello Rikki, I sent you an e mail yesterday. Just wondered if you’ve received it as I haven’t heard back.
Regards Jinny

Hi Jinny, it sure is. Send me a message via my site if you’d like to join my team!

Thanks! Rikki

Hello Rikki

I know the last discussion was September last year but I just wondered on the off-chance that this opportunity may still be open?

Hi Clive, thanks for the message. Could you posibly drop me an email via so I can give you some details? Cheers,


Ooops! sorry about that - I can be a bit inept sometimes!

Thanks for the reply, will read it asap


Hi Cate,

I got the message (you sent it as an enquiry to one of our clients! Ooops!). Don’t worry though!

I replied via my email address, let me know what you think.

Thanks, Rikki

Hi Rikki,

I’ve sent you an email via your website (I think - I hope!)… would like to know more about this venture
Kind regards,


Hi Paula, thanks for getting in touch.
If you could send me an email via the contact form at I’ll be able to send you some more information and my sales guide PDF.

Best, Rikki

Hi I am interested could you send me more details
Thanks PJ

I’ve just opened a Skype manager account and can offer unlimited calls to the UK and France as part of this job. Please get in touch if you would like to work for FHD.

Thanks, Rikki

Shouldn’t it have an extra backslash - the site hasn’t broken any other links as far as I am aware
(I’ve typed it just to try it)

Oh, I see. The link is correct, but the redirect this site has in place has broken it!

My site is (Google french holiday directory, we’re the top listing)

Thanks, Rikki

Hi Tracy, which email link are you referring to? If you mean this site (survivefrance), it isn’t mine…

Best regards, Rikki