Working for Leggetts?

Has anyone worked for Leggetts? Had anyone they know work for them??

Just spotted they are advertising in my area.


We know of people who have worked for estate agents of whatever flavour and they are not happy tales tear-arsing around with people just out for a jolly and a nose with little or no intent to buy…
Months of hard work and only paid when a sale is achieved by the agency so little or no income for long periods and loads of daily sh1t to meet targets.
If it sounds too good… well, you know the rest :wink:


I had a feeling that would be the answer! Shame as I’d probably be quite a good estate agent!!! Love property, love talking to people!

When we first moved to France, we contacted a guy (somewhere in the South ISTR) who had set himself up as a “property finder” particularly for the British buyers.
His business plan was to advertise his services whilst establishing contact with agencies offering properties.
We didn’t buy through him in the end but he was very knowledgeable and efficient. He was his own boss and controlled things his way…

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and just remember, even if you made a sale today, it will be many months before you see any sort of return and even then maybe the hassle of arguments with the agency who may claim that the sale was theirs, not yours (it happens!) leaving you with nothing more than a gaping hole in your finances.
It’s a really cut throat business.

I have a friend who lives nearby, who works for them.
I can ask if he’d be willing to share his experiences with you, if you like.


If you set up your own help-finder service you could offer much more (given your experience/contacts gained with the WARP system) to encompass a whole range of services easing clients’ transition in to French administration beyond simply flogging dodgy wrecks - I think you are worth much more tbh.
Do some research into this. It could be beneficial and as you are a go-getter type girl it will maintain control of your destiny. Don’t just make someone else rich with your talents!


I worked in the same business but for another outfit when they started up so I recall the early days. Leggetts have a mixed reputation,in my experience some of the agents have been excellent (the lady who sold my last house in St Junien was brilliant) and some have been less committed.
The work is commission only so don’t take the job if your life depends upon it. It’s a good job if you or your family have other means to survive though I wouldn’t want the lives of my family depending on it to survive. I did it for a few years (commission only) and can tell you it’s flipping hard work for sometimes little reward. It’s probably the easiest job I’ve done where it’s so easy to fiddle and cheat the customer.
Why not try it Tori if your life doesn’t depend on it ?

All sounds too risky as I’m the main wage earner in our family, just not doing very well with that at the moment :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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We went to them and we were taken to see properties that were way off our spec.


I’ve met the Leggets themselves at one of the British Embassy outreach do’s - will comment by PM if required!

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Hi Tory
As the comments that you have received so far are saying, tread carefully - especially as you are the main income earner.
You must be clear about what ‘working for Leggetts’ means . . . and there is a giveaway clue in your ‘they are advertising in my area’.
Leggetts are an excellent firm - the biggest estate agency in France - founded and still run by a Brit, Tony Leggett, and his wife. But nearly every advertisement they place includes a ‘We are looking for people to join us’ tagline. The reason is obvious - they have a high staffing turnover. This must tell you something.
You therefore need to be very clear about what ‘working for Leggetts’ means - it is fairly standard practice with all immobiliers in France. You will not be employed by them; you will be self-employed. Your payment will be by a share of any commission for a sale that you have personally put together. No salary. Commission rates are exorbitant in France because of this working practice - 5% to 8% (compared to Britland 1.5%). You will get maybe 2%, depending on the deal you sign up to. No pension or other benefits.
So basically you will get leads from Leggett - decided upon by the senior person in the office that you work from. I don’t know who pays the cost of your vehicle, running ‘clients’ all over the place, often on sight-seeing trips. Most sales in France take about 3 months to complete, so you will get no income, only expense, in your first Quarter. If you manage to agree the sale on a €125,000 house in your first couple of weeks, you’ll get a gross payment of €2,500 in your 4th month, less Income Tax. But - if you sell a €500k property (supposing that your office superior has let you get your hands on it), you will gross €10,000.
You say that "I’d probably be quite a good estate agent. Love property, love talking to people’.
That isn’t what being a successful estate agent is about, Tory. But from what I know, Leggetts will train you, and support you, if you have the drive.
(PS. I have no connection with them whatsoever (other than having used them) - but I ran my own estate agency business in the UK before coming to France).


Hi Tory

I assume you’ve read this account?

Doom & Gloom, I know but better to be in with eyes open if you are thinking of trying your hand selling properties.

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What does it say ?

I’m blocked too.

The Telegraph article is behind a paywall.

Good old Torygraph, always on the make…

at least you can be certain that Doris isn’t profiting from it :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s annoying.

It basically says the same as Michael - it can amount to a lot of work for not very much reward although I assume some people manage a living from it. The conclusion from the article was:

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I’m convinced!

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