World Book Night

As you probably all know, tonight is world book night, in the UK 1 million books will be given away. These are the 25 titles they have chosen what do you think of the committee’s choice of titles?

Yes, I see it now. Thanks.

If you click on the link in the original post Angela, you’ll find details of all 25 titles.

I meant to add this to my comment…in response to Michael’s comment below; I too couldn’t give books away, not even to the library, even French books, though I suspect that might be because of copyright issues. None of them were recently published but even so it broke my heart to bin them.

I turned the programme on late so only caught the part about the Curious Case of the Dog in the Night time though I enjoyed hearing how reading that book had helped a policeman temper his response to a schizophrenic. I would be interested to know what the other books were and also what had been the criteria behind the choices.

I wish I lived near you, I love DK books, so beautifully produced.