World sterilisation month

February is World Sterilisation Awareness Month and Chats du Quercy is calling on all cat lovers to take action to help end the tragedy of cat overpopulation in their community.
Why not take at least one action step in February to help save an animal’s life. Ideas include:
1. Sterilisation. Donate the cost of a cat sterilisation (50€ to 100€) through Chats du Quercy Paypal link on our website. If you can’t donate the full cost, make an online gift of 10€ and your donation can be used towards the cost of sterilising a cat.
2. Take Action. Talk to the Maire in your community requesting a low-cost sterilisation fund to be set up in your village or volunteer to assist;
3. Volunteer. Volunteer to transport animals to and from their appointments or foster an animal that needs aftercare.
If everyone who loves animals takes one action step this month it will make a life-saving difference
We urge any cat owner who has not already had their cat sterilised to make an appointment with their vet this month. A cat can start to reproduce at just 4 months of age, so please make that appointment now! Not only does this action help prevent unwanted litters being born, but also has numerous future health and welfare benefits for your cat.
Chats du Quercy is a non-profit organization funded primarily by public donations. Our mission is simply to help cats in need, to prevent cruelty and to promote cat welfare through a wide range of services, cat rescue and treatment, adoption of homeless and abused cats, humane education and advice concerning sterilisation programmes.
*Spring Bonanza in celebration of our third anniversary! 20-21st April 11am-6pm Open weekend at the Cat Rescue Centre in Miramont de Quercy including Massive sale of books and other items
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I'm sure if you search the web, there are many many more ideas out there - happy hunting!!

Brilliant Lynn! Thank you for letting us know about this and giving us ideas to get involved.