Worming Programme


I’ve just been sent the following message:

"Please can you give me some advice on horse wormers it seems to be so different over here. I had a worming programme in the UK but here they say only worm twice a year & I am using Eraquell & Equimax am I doing the right thing? Would appreciate your comments."

As it is not the first time, I thought it would be good to start a discussion. So how often do you worm? Which brands? Where do you get them?

Thank you very much for your reply, it has put my mind at ease that I am giving him the right products.

For my own horses, who have never had a huge worm burden and have lots of different grazing, I worm Autumn and Spring with Equimax, for horses bought from here I would recommend using a 5 day Panucur Guard and then a broad spectrum wormer 3 times in the first year, many horses that I have seen from France have had worm burden/damage.