Worst bit of Franglais I've seen for a while

From Masterchef France's Twitter feed :>

En attendant 20h50 le début de l'émission sur #TF1, gagnez un Coffret #MasterChef en likant ........

Oh no, there's much worse than that out there.


Heard on the radio recently:

"C'est un film avec un twist James Bondienne à la fin"

I am amused by both the frenglish and the franglais languages. Having lived in Montréal for almost three décades, I can assure you that you would find there charming examples of incestuous relations between french and english with a zest of american and patois... c'est du relooking linguistique!!!

or tchao instead of ciao, and manager as a verb "il faut mieux manager la boîte" and we talk about "facings" in retail but the accent just kills the word!

Have seen some great ones in the 33 years I've lived here.Seems to be getting worse now though! How about 'Chat'? Its now used as a verb,but to avoid confusion with 'cat' the letter T has been added eg 'Vous pouvez tchattez avec vos amis en ligne'. :)

Altho' not "strictly" Franglais - mine is greeter. So many supermarkets now have "les greeters" (not round here fortunately). My wife saw a lovely ad a while ago (she nearly sent it to Newsquiz) - "Our greeter will be welcoming you happily every day - except Wednesdays".

Wife's amusement was because of the mental picture she had of an unhappy Wednesday greeter - especially as Wednesday's child is full of woe...

that's a craquer!

Oopss! LOL