Worst French Websites?

Hi everyone! I'm preparing a lecture for students at the Université de Pau about the importance of usability (user-friendliness) in web site design. Anyone have any examples of unusable French websites that I can use to demonstrate website design errors? (I've already noted a few on my e-marketing blog, http://emarketingmama.com)



Thanks for the ideas. I've also been frustrated by the SNCF site. (Wasn't crazy about SNCF-Voyages either).

Any others, folks?

I think a lot of people go to sncf.com, instead of voyages-sncf.com, and that's where the problem lies.

I found the pole emploi site hard to use when helping a friend look for work. it's cluttered, you get booted and have to log back in all the time, and also, after clicking a job in the search, you have to go back to the main menu,and start again to get back to where you were in the list. Thank god for right-click +open in new window.

I can't stand the sncf website. I wanted to find out which train to catch from A to B, my options to arrive in time for a certain meeting and how much it would cost.

I was hoping for a similar set up to te majority of the low cost airlines. Insted I was expected to know which type of train I wish to travel on, I'm a member of the public not a train buff, and then exactly which time I wanted to leave. They seemed more interested in selling me SNCF as acompany and recruiting than showing me timetables and prices. It may have imporoved since I last looked but I have given up trying I now call the train station to find out the information I want, however they don't answer out of office hours which is why I wanted the website browssing.

Just my opion by the way.