Worth checking before paying

I need to travel up to north of Paris next week for a couple of days and looking at the driving rain outside decided, for the first time in my life, that perhaps the TGV would be less hassle than the car. I looked online and was pleased to see that travel by train would be much quicker and cheaper than taking the car. The only thing was I was not sure of the exact dates so I waited before booking. The following day I checked the prices again but my journey had disappeared from the web page so I filled in the details again. I was relieved to see that they had not changed, I also experimented by looking at first class for the return journey as the price difference was very little. Today I had the dates confirmed and once again had to enter the journey details. Eventually I was ready to pay and was quite pleased that the round trip including returning by first class was about €90. I then faced a bill of almost €400! Luckily I didn’t have a one click payment option and bailed out. I went back to the journey details and scrolled up, and up, and up. The page had recorded all of the searches that I’d made and was billing me for the same journey several times. It was simple to delete the unnecessary journeys and pay for only the one I required. I will be checking even the simplest bookings in the future.


Had the same on the sncf website a couple of weeks ago when I booked the train to Paris for the France v England rugby, 75 € first class return from La Souterraine, but original bill was 300.

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That is really annoying, Airlines do that as well. I always search on many ‘cheap ticket’ sites but end up buying from air-line itself or possibly expedia or travelocity. I believe they buy a certain number in seats and need to sell all to make profit. Sometimes you might be lucky and get one seat cheaper for whatever reason. I also delete cookies in my browser and/or use another when buying.


I’m a bit curious, now, as to which website you use? Have you used this one for booking train travel: https://www.trainline.eu/

It’s the one I used when I’d traveled from Paris down to Cosne Cours sur Loire. I had no problems, but maybe I’m not understanding the issue accurately. Apologies if that’s the case.

SNCF. The problem was that although the search page had reset itself it had remembered my previous searches so when I thought I was paying for one it wanted me to pay for four identical journeys.
It’s possibly what they wanted but after the speed limit reduction comes into force I will,probably be taking a lot more trains for similar journeys.

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by the sounds he was booking a ticket and logged into the site so each day he bought a new ticket totaling 3 tickets. simple case of going to check out and removing the unwanted ones. same is on amazon as well. it saves your basket even if your not logged in via cookies that save said data

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Did you not read my reply to Mary?

yup and i was just explaining COOKIES which is what you fell foul of which saves your shopping cart until you clear browser history and or cookies. It was not your searches it remembered but the tickets you had previously requested, you must have added them to the shopping car t in order for them to be saved.

The problem I had was that I needed 2 tickets, and I couldn’t see anywhere to say that, so I started again and it all got a bit messy - only noticed because the price wasn’t what I expected. Got it sorted, but the point is that they (SNCF) could and should make it easier and clearer to change your order as it is easy to make mistakes.

You didn’t read it very well then as you suggest that I was buyinging three tickets after I’d already stated that the total was for four. There is no shopping cart on the site. There is no need to explain the technical reason for the problem, my OP was just a slightly humours attempt to warn other users. There was no danger of my paying over the odds as the bill when presented was way too much. I know about cookies by the way having worked in IT for most of my life.

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ahhh, well a slight typo in my numbers 3 or 4 all the same, you selected the ticket so it saved it to me is a shopping cart.

certainly looks like a shopping bag to me and oh the cookie saved my shopping bag and added the second on. It pays to be very observant in these matters.

I really don’t know what you are going on about. The 3 was not a typo you just had not read my reply. If you had you would have had no need to write yours, the question had been answered. You really have a hang up about being wrong don’t you.

so do allot of people, like there being no shopping basket, we were both wrong me for writing 3 instead of 4 and you for there being no shopping basket. hope you manage to spot the shopping basket next time. was speaking from experience after booking someone a ticket few weeks back and hitting the same problem. luckily i spotted the shopping basket

I note that this is going back and forth… and would just like to say that… since buying something in error on the internet…we have decided on a vague set of rules.

We never buy anything on the internet:

  1. In a hurry eg “spontaneous purchase”
  2. At the end of the day
  3. Without ensuring that we are wearing our glasses
    oh and
  4. One-click purchasing is permanently switched OFF


but, even after all that… we do sometimes get things wrong… have to grin and bear it…


At least the distance selling regulations let you send it back.

Strictly in the UK the legislation is correctly known as “The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013” but that’s a heck of a mouthful!

so far its been doubling orders for things like bolts and washers, so I have forgiven him… :hugs: He sometimes makes mistakes when he is tired (at the end of the day !) Anything more substantial and he might be in big trouble :wink:

did the same with our plug covers. alas only noticed after the 3 month return was up. heh. few other things too but nothing we cannot use at a later date. my mum while looking for a game for 3ds for my son nearly bought 3 of the same games which she spotted at the check out rang me and i said check the basket and she said its just the one game till i told her look at quantity. lol she just double clicks all the time and somehow managed to buy it 3 times

My page did not have a shopping basket. I did not pay too much, I was surprised that a web page that I had not logged into or registered with behaved as it did. Please stop.

yes that’s the problem with online purchasing though its so easy to buy something add it to a basket in the way of a cookie , close the age by accident come back to it and but it again and end up with too many of said product. heh, glad you let him off Stella :slight_smile:

Its why i never stay logged into places like vistaprint amazon ebay or the like and especially paypal that instant payment is a pain in the bum.

The same thing happened to me, and I managed to delete the duplicate entries in time. For the benefit of readers, the website Oui.sncf seems to add searches to your basket automatically, so beware! The website Comparabus is quite a useful site as it includes buses, trains and flights in its search results.