Would you go to his Concert?

Does he have the right to perform?

Yes of course he has the right.

Yes he has the right to perform. Solo concerts are one thing, as you can choose whether or not to attend. I personally wouldn’t, but then I don’t like his music! I can think of other musicians who have slightly dubious pasts - perhaps not as extreme - but as long as it’s legal then they can continue to work.

I’m happy tho’ that he has pulled out of performing at festivals, where it is more difficult to avoid a single performance should you wish to do so.

I don’t know this man, but we are seeing too many areas where other points of view are being silenced.
This is happening in Universities, to their shame.

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Of course he has the right to perform. People can chose whether to see him or not.

You might find this interesting Mandy:

Why me in particular?