Write the Year in full in 2020

Something to bear in mind - just seen this on another forum. Pass it on.

Always write the year in full, i.e. 23/01/2020 and not 23/01/20 because in the second case, an ill-intentioned person could add 2 figures (2019, 2018 etc) and invalidate your document. They could also pre-date your document or authorisation.


Wouldn’t that have been the case throughout the decade just closing?
So writing 23/01/19 could just as easily have been altered to anything in the 1900’s


@graham is a smart cookie, it’s a good job he’s as honest as the day is long this time of the year. Gor bless 'im and all who sail in 'im, I say…:hugs:

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Of course Graham, but less credible. Very easy to add a 19 or an 18 (or a 21) and still look to be in a credible time frame.

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I am seeing this in a few places.
Of course things could be altered to read 19?? But the credibility would be dubious, to alter something to 2018 2019 would be feasible

So, I was born in 1951… does that mean I’m not credible :thinking:

No, just old. :grinning:


Nah… @Peter_Goble is old… I’m still a youngster :yawning_face:


You knew full well what I meant
I am beginning to have serious doubts about this forum. Already I have seen several posters I liked and had time for disappear It seems to be coming a place for the chosen few

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Exactly. I would guess that this unnecessary information has its roots in Facebook or the like. It’s amazing what people believe when they see it online.

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You’re taking things far too seriously Mary.

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Hospitals in the UK are warning staff about this

All the more reason for ID cards… doesn’t happen here.

Hospitals in the uk are warning staff that dates on paperwork maybe altered retrospectively I can’t see ID cards being much use :grinning:

to what purpose? I don’t get it. Jump the 9 month waiting list for an urgent operation, perhaps?
Besides, it won’t affect me. I have zero interest in the NHS since all my treatments are outside the third world state of Brexit Britain (thankfully) :grin:
Every visit I make to a medical facility here in France I am required to produce evidence of who I am (passport, Driving Licence, Titre de séjour) and the system helpfully prints off a sheet of labels (etiquettes) giving a clear indication of who I am which are affixed to my medical record of the visit. Couldn’t be clearer.

I guess the advice is given with the best of intentions. It is up to folk to take on board or jettison…

From what I read… there is always a new scam on the go… someone has found a new way of making mayhem/money…

If we can avoid some of that simply by putting the date in full - seems reasonable to me. By the way… I do find it confusing on the occasions that I see something dated by an American… since they seem to put the month first and then the day… confusion can arise with that sort of thing - not always, but more than just a little. :thinking:


Thanks Stella for your sane comment.
Have you come across the word “mansplaining” Mary? That’s all that happens sometimes. Having worked in an industry dominated by men from the middle of the 1960s I learnt many, many years ago to let it all be water off a duck’s back and not rise to the bait (if that’s not mixing my metaphors too much) :grin:


Nobody chose me, Mary. I just turned up.

But as Groucho Marx declared, “I wouldn’t join any club that had me as a member” :smiley:

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Ducks duck to get bait. The clue’s in the name. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Reminder: It’s the pantomime season! :ghost:

Ditto Peter :pleading_face:

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