Wrought iron garden bench and security door

I've participated in a couple of markets this year and very much enjoyed them - even though one was spent trying to stop the wind taking my tent off with it! It's been nice to get out of my workshop and meet people for a change rather than chatting to the chickens that seem to have made a habit of gathering at my door each day. By the way if anyone wants a friendly coq called Kiev than you are welcome to him. His mother was killed by a fox so he has been almost hand reared so he is very tame but, as I have found with previous over-friendly chickens, he is getting in the way and when the sparks are flying he isn't! This is the cheeky chappie with my brother in-law.

When I wasn't occupied chasing chickens out of the atelier, I was able to expand on my garden range of furniture with a gothic style garden bench. If you know anyone that wants some quality iron furniture that will last them generations than point them in my direction!

I've also just completed a security grill to keep some hounds in. The photos not a great one as the lighting was bad but you can get the idea.

Heres another photo of Kiev and my two on the right just for Valerie's son!

Your blog post is back - you were glitching!! I actually went and posted a comment on your wall to the effect that Shaun would love Kiev but unfortunately too might the dog - for lunch.

Does your 7 year old want an early christmas present :) My children love him as well actually, I'll try and another photo on of him. I loved him until he started getting too much in the way, tried to roost in my hallway breaking a wedding present lamp in the process and ventures around the house leaving chicken pooh everywhere whilst the dogs and cat look on!

I love that bench (but looks expensive!) - just had to say, my 7 year old is in love with Kiev - burst out laughing when he saw the photo. He's gone off to bed with the biggest grin in his face, so thanks for that, Renny.