WTC 9/11, apocalypse filmed live

Just watched this video (29mn) that has been put on youtube a week ago. The quality of it is incredible. The only word that comes to my mind is apocalypse.

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We were on holiday in France when this happened. Turned on the tv one morning to see this. The tv only had foreign language programming and this was a German station I think. I thought it was a tv thriller, turned it off and never thought any more about it. We didn’t even look at any newspapers so it wasn’t till we got back to the uk that we discovered it was for real…

It’s incredible how we can remember where we were and what we were doing. I was in my office in Rungis. I put this video on, because it’s really interesting the way it’s filmed. Just the cameraman walking in the streets, simply filming people, dust, even a bird. Cold blood, I don’t know if we realised the severity of the situation.

We are away on holiday at the moment, so if anything dramatic happens in the next couple of weeks we will probably be the last to know…

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I was on holiday too, the 25th of july 1995, when a bomb exploded in the RER B (train) in Paris. I could have been in it, my line, my time. So, the morality of the story is if you want to live longer, have plenty of holiday :wink: Enjoy Chris !

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I was walking past the Boardroom and saw some of the men watching TV… I went in to find out what they were up to… and was horrified/mesmerised … as we watched… the second plane flew into the building…

Turned out one or two of them had heard something (phone or radio) and they rushed to switch on the TV on and find out more…

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Incredible video.

I was on a training course that day and only found out about it in the car on the way home. Will never forget seeing the first pictures on the TV that evening. So shocking.

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They kept playing and replaying the videos… and talking us through it… it was shockingly clear that this was not a “film”… this was a live…real-life drama…

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I can remember going back home and been thinking WW3 has begun

More and more folk came to join us… to watch it happening over and over again… everyone was in shock…

and, yes, it was frightening to wonder what on earth was going to happen next…

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I was in Portugal, in a wee village watching the news, in a bar.w
When the second plane flew in, even the Newscaster could not believe what he was seeing!

Exactly… none of us could believe it…

I was in UK… at work… but things ground to a stand-still while the News went on and on… almost wanted to pinch myself to be sure it was not a bad dream :frowning:

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On a personal level.
I was selling my boat there, in Portugal, had a sale agreed in principal, with an Italian, who came visited, saw the boat, wanted me to deliver it to him in Italy, all paid settled, his boat, before it departed for Italy, that sounded great to me, all expences paid.
I think it was on the 12th, he called to say, sorry, I can’t complete, my Son was in the Tower! He was a nice Man, I’ve no doubt it was true :hearts:

Many of us knew folk who were in those buildings and died in that lot… so very, very sad…

It’s one thing to learn of someone who has been killed in an accident… it is quite another to watch it happening… before our very eyes…


Heaven’s, that’s brought it all back! I was in some central England town - Rugby maybe - for work with 5 colleagues. We all ended up squashed into one tiny room completely transfixed…can’t remember that we even said anything much just gasps, and held hands. We missed our meeting.


That could be an interesting discussion - certainly it was the start of military action.

Amazing Filming.

The Colossal, Courage of the First Responders, Firemen, Ambulace Crews, Police,
Unbelievable, probably had not a clue what they were facing, amazing, amazingly,
Brave People! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

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I remember the afternoon at work - we were building a very early IPTV system (way ahead of its time and consequently we never managed to sell it) - when reports of the first plane flying into the WTC came through we thought it was a tragic accident but as events unfolded the reality became horribly apparent.

Later I learned that an old work colleague who had moved to the financial sector was working at the WTC that day - thankfully he was in one of the other buildings in the complex and got out with no great problem but his office was completely destroyed.

And my Italian ‘boat buyers’ Son escaped too, but understandably, my buyer had more on His mind, so I never made the delivery trip with His new boat. To Italy :slightly_smiling_face:
UK buyer, a bit later, so delivered it from S Portugal, to Portsmouth in February, not quite as pleasant a trip.
Hey ho!
It’s 'ow it Goes :slightly_smiling_face: