WWIII? Reports NATO territory hit from Russia

Already being discussed in the Ukraine thread.

We may need a new “How to build your nuclear bunker” thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


and dust down copies of the book When the Wind Blows from thr 1980’s… and or read this publication…

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Mis-aimed is not implausible, I don’t think it will escalate beyond renewed western support for Ukraine.

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With this bonkers world thats the last thing I would do. Being vaporised quickly is far better than watching tory governments destroy society for their own ends. Stick me at the front of the blast.

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But Corona, they’ll need us to build a better World. It’ll be us and the radiation proof cockroaches.

Nah let the entitled self obsessed young ones build their perfect world, I would happily pilot a missile to take out Putin.

Dodgy Iranian drones supplied by Imam Ahmad (read Arthur) Daly :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Remotely, one hopes🙂

Or like this…

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This morning’s view is that it was an off track Ukranian air defence missile that had been aimed at incoming Russian ordnance.


More fake news. It was Ukraine.