Yanks Go Home

Sorry couldn't think of a more fitting title. I don't know the full facts, but I have just heard on Skye News that a British student (23) is facing extradition to the States, and is facing 'copyright' charges, and a possible 10 years in the slammer!

It seems that a website of his 'links' to certain US based sites offering 'free' and perhaps illegal downloads. The issue is to do with extradition laws, and pan global copyright laws in general.

I query the fact that, to my knowledge 'out-linking' is legal, and indeed encouraged certainly by the Googles of the the www. It is the world wide web.

Can you say WTF here? WTF!


I use sites that have been campaigning against and have petitions going so added my name to potential terrorists days ago. Democract, huhhhhh!

@ Rette

I saw your post, thank you.

Petition, these guys are great lobbyists

So here's to more democracy... except for everybody and anybody.

The National Defense Authorization Act was signed by the president on New Year's eve. Couched in dozens of politicalese statements anyone 'suspected' of any possible anything that may perhaps be linked to terrorism can be incarcerated for an indeterminate amount of time, on said suspicions. No judge, no atty, just a continuation of Guantanaomo, but now it's opened up for everyone, including us citizens on us soil. Tennessee (first in the nation) has set up a VIPR program in conjunction with the TSA, which Senator Ron Paul has clearly stated that it infringes on 4th Amendment rights. TN has a swat team, now this. They do 'random' checkpoints looking for terrorists. TSA is your group of gate rapers (or you can be irradiated with un-calibrated X-ray machines) at the airports. At the same time, they're suing individual states for enforcing the Federal laws against illegal aliens, when they refuse to do so, and they refuse to close the borders. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security advertises 'If you see something, say something'. Cecelia Munoz who is Sr VP of La Raza has just been appointed by obummer to be director of intergovernmental something or other (a new position just for her):

Her affiliation with La Raza taints her ability to represent the broader national interest,” [Bob Dane of FAIR] said. “La Raza exists as a way to systematically dismantle enforcement and any semblance of discipline in the immigration system. Are we to believe that she is going to distance herself in her new role to represent the broader national interest?

This was written several years ago. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Fascism/Nazification_GermanyvsAmer.html

Are you getting the picture? And I haven't even touched big pharma/Monsanto, etc. Whoever has the most bucks can buy whatever law they want. The pro SOPA group has spent $21 million in bribes, oh excuse me, contributions to campaigns, to make sure it passes. Did you also know that corporations have now been given human status by way of the supreme court?


G'nite Brian

Or, "Please can I have my ball back sir?"


err.. I think I'll rename the post,

'Would our Trans Atlantic cousins kindly cool down on the web supremos thing, and keep your laws over there, Sir please, Sir.

What will they call the epic film? Stars and Stripes Wars? Please can I have a part, as Darth Vader to prove he is nicer than a right wing Yank?

I've no doubt 'yanks go home' has already been picked up by a 'phrase-o-bot,' certain 'buzz' words set off many triggers ( oops ).

My guess is that having lost ground to the Chinese in the Global Policeman stakes, Cyberspace IS the final frontier, where the battle of Freedom against Repression will take place.

The SOPA PIPA campaign is scary. The USA is out to stop the free flow of information we have all come to consider part of everday life. Ron is right, but the implications go further when we think that this post is at some stage very, very likely to be going through a USA based server and for what Ron, Rette and now I am writing this could all be killed off by US legislation. As for the recent habit of deporting UK citizens on spurious grounds, which I believe has happened to other places rather than the USA, it is so immoral it is not worth trying to describe how low that is. The UK kowtows to every little whisper from the USA and personally I have no truck with it and am happy not to live there right now. No doubt the ghost of Marley will stick his oar in here soon and tell us we are all wrong, but he-ho life's like that.

A few hours ago I posted links to this travesty of justice. The us government is bought and paid for by big business, big pharma, and anyone else who has a few million dollars to contribute to the campaigns. They ignore and hate Ron Paul because the 'foolish man' wants to go back to the Constitution instead of circumventing it like the rest of them.

The US Stop Online Piracy Act

It's just one of many reasons I'm in France and not there.

Be afraid! US aims to rule the internet ...check this out

soz...bit busy to check CNN etc