Yanny or Laurel - what do you hear

This morning I was hearing Yanny but now I’m hearing Laurel.
Although Im sure I speak perfect french, not everyone agrees. Now I know why😉

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Laurel for me.

Strange thing was that OH hears the opposite…

Laurel for me too !

Yanny for me… and I’ve listened to it twice now… Yanny both times… nothing like Laurel as far as I am concerned.

Though, to be fair, if I was asked to say what the word was (without the prompting of Yanny or Laurel)… I would be hard pressed to give anything sensible as I hear it as a bit of bungled vocabulary… :upside_down_face::smile::roll_eyes:

Laurel, can’t make myself hear Yanny!

I can only hear Laurel…I tried to hear Yanny too…but it’s not happening…(listening on a mobile…) x :slight_smile:

My family may be correct after all… they often joke about me … saying… “they broke the mould after you were born” and then they whisper… “thank heavens” :upside_down_face::relaxed::hushed::hugs:

Yanny, whoever she may be!

You must be as crazy as I am… :upside_down_face::relaxed:

@cat says yelly!

Our cat says miaow…


I would go with your cat Chris, sounds purrfect to me, even after giving it ‘paws’ for thought, your cat wins by a whisker :wink:

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