Yet another huge waste of taxpayers money by UK government

So, that’s £400 million per month to treat just a handful of patients every day. It beggars belief :angry: :angry: :angry:


Totally disgraceful, hopefully someone can make something out of this Keir?

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The echo is deafening …

Could have permanently fixed at least 2 of the recent major wrongs done to women’s pensions (you know, those things called women that are half the population?) for half of that, or less.


I wonder who the shareholders are, and/or who may benefit from this donation?

As always, follow the money. I am sure Gov actions are delayed whilst they look through their friends and relatives to see who can help. There is a robust gov procurement matrix but cabinet ministers seem to have circumvented it at every turn.


Ooh, that’s rather cynical Charles.

I’m sure there’s no hint of ‘personal interest’ involved….ahem

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