Yoga etc

I live in the Lot, near Monflanquin. Does anyone know of any yoga or other calming treatment places to help deal with chronic high blood pressure before I have to take medication. It would also be good to meet people in some kind of group or class. Anywhere in the Villeneuve area would be good.


Hi Shirley,
Yes, I agree that we need salt especially in the heat but I don’t add any. I get enough from food. It’s annoying because I do all the right things & am naturally skinny. I took it last night after posting. Perfect so it’s up & down. I’ll certainly look at health unlocked.
We had gales last night and very heavy rain now so getting a decent walk is hard. We’ve been here 3 years & my daughter-in-
Aw is French. I would say I get by but could be better. I chat to people and can understand more than I speak. We definitely need to get out and meet people as we moved to the Lot 7 weeks ago so thank you for your suggestions.
Best regards,

you do need some salt in your diet Miriam, sea salt is best. ‘Zero’ salt is not good, because your body needs the nutrients it provides.,I usually cook my vegetables in lightly salted water! I understand the White Coat syndrome, my husband used to get it, but he was seeing a cardiologist and doing stress tests at the time.

May I suggest you look at the ‘Health Unlocked’ Website, it’s a UK one, where there are several particular ‘condition’ communities, which operate much as SFN does. Each community user being relevant to it! You say your condition is genetic, so look for the condition you think s Community would useful for. There is very good peer support from others on each one! Alternatively if Cancer is involved, there is a very good Association (Charity) in France called Cancer Support France (CSF), it’s run for English speaking ‘clients’ and mainly by English Volunteers. You’d need to see how near to you there may be one, and even join as a Volunteer helper. You’ll find lots of information again on their regional websites

It’s also winter,not that many people out and about in this grotty weather and it helps to have someone to talk to occasionally I understand that.,I have a cafe local to me and walk down usually once a day, for shopping, buy a paper, a hot chocolate, whatever - just for the company and have a chat? How is your French coming on! I joined my village social committee last year, don’t understand half they say, but I’m there on the day of events to do what I can to help out, and it means I see and can chat to lots more people. Getting yourself out and about amongst your own commune is always useful, if you can’t find anything else you can join.Best wishes Shirley.

Thanks Shirley. It’s a combination of genetics & stress. I eat very carefully, zero salt, sugar etc. I’m not overweight & don’t smoke or drink. I do everything but turn cartwheels to keep it down. Have upped my dog walking but I feel something to deal with a naturally anxious personality would really help.
Indefinitely find that when my BP is taken by the doctor it whizzes up. I think it’s called white cote syndrome.


Miriam, it’s not about calming down emotionally/mentally - it’s about what physical health condition is causing the BP to rise! Check it (the condition) out on Wikipedia to give you a good few links to health websites…make sure you end up on an HonCode or Trusted website.

If you know the name of the medication,go to and enter the drug name, manufacturer and dosage,if there are choices immediately obvious to you! Once on the website, it is pretty self-explanatory and easy to will also give you all the pros and cons of the med, including potential side effects.

I hope you manage to find a yoga or tai chi class for the social ambience as well.