You can only choose to take 2 pills

From the following list you can only take 2 pills - which would you pick?

(to me some of the pills do not look particularly attractive - whereas others could be stunning - but only picking 2 could take a while to decide)

I am still pondering!!

Easy, 3 and 6.
3 so that I could ask my mother all the questions about her ancestry that I should have asked but didn’t and 6 because I am useless at learning French and the thought of chatting with 5 different nationalities in their native tongue would be fantastic.


I’m always stuck with the thought…“be careful what you wish for”… :roll_eyes:
of the choices on offer… phew… no idea

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I need 5 number 3 pills!

On second thought, if I chose a number 4 pill I could go back and be with my loved ones. In that case I’ll also take a number 5 pill because I wouldn’t want to frighten the horses.

Probably 4 and 7 :sunglasses:

5 : Because I’m feeling old today, after doing a Skype call under bad lighting.
6 : My five languages would be…
French - but perfectly of course, with no ‘petit accent’ being perceived !
Italian - because it sounds gorgeous
Spanish - my basic level needs raising somewhat
Occitan - fascinating and local
Greek - I tried to learn a little, but…

Why is Pill 1 even a thing?


3 and 6, immediate and without further consideration before I even saw all of them. :joy:

I really would like my Mum to still be here and, although 5 languages are a bit over the top, at least 2 of them would be French and English. Both for the same reason as age is hampering my memory of both nowadays.

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'cos you could be Jesus?

Think I’ll go for 4&7,
4 because I love certain periods of world history and it would also allow me to visit all kinds of now dead people.
7 because one of my 3 skills would be to speak any number of languages, master a skill that would make money and the third skill ………maybe be an awesome gardener :grin:

Probably 3 & 4.

My father died when I was a teenager. He missed so many things (positive and negative) that have happened in my life, and I truly regret that. I’ve been told that I resemble him both physically and in character… Plus I get my love of France and all things French (especially les femmes françaises :kissing_heart:) from him. My mother often tells me how much he would have loved that I moved here, as he himself had fallen in love with France in the 60s.

The time travel one could mean that I could go back in time and tell myself to mine bitcoins when they were unheard of and sell them at their peak. I’d make way more than the $1M on offer with pill number 2 :grin:

How do you know I’m not Jesus already? :rofl:

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1 I’m the shy retiring type, so having millions of followers is not for me. Although if I had some real skill or wisdom to share/spread, that would be useful.

2 $1,000,000? Certainly!

3 I wouldn’t want to bring anyone back from the dead, but with time travel I’d love to go back to be with mum and dad, but with a wiser older mind, to get to know them better.

4 Time Travel? I’ve sometimes thought I’d like to live forever, and experience people, places and events throughout time, but that would be a man’s experience. Maybe there should be another pill – would you like to experience life as a woman? And vice versa.

5 Ten years younger? I’m constantly telling my doctor that the bloody anti-inflammatory pills don’t work for my sciatica, but I’ll keep trying because I know I’d feel 10 years younger once that magic pill is found. I’ll wait.

6 Speak 5 languages? Might be useful coupled with time travel around the world, living forever. Not sure.

7 I’m a jack of all trades, and not willing to change my ways, so master of 3 skills is out.

8 I’m already famous – aren’t we all – in someone’s eyes?

9 Meet your soulmate? I had one, Cleo my cat, who if she had been a woman we’d be permanently joined at the hip. I’d take her with me, forever, on my time travelling, but not if she didn’t want to.


I would take the money. (2) There is so much I would love to do to finish our “money pit” here and turn it into something truly beautiful. And I have friends who are struggling right now and it would be wonderful to be able to help them.
I’d also take time travel (4). My brother was my soul mate and I badly miss him still after 16 years. I wouldn’t want to bring him back, but rather go to when he was younger and fit and just a great, great friend. He had a brilliant sense of humour as does one of my cousins and meals with the two of them were hysterical.


Revising my use of a pill - time travelling back to know my parents better would give me a second chance to be more encouraging, more forceful maybe, to persuade mum to go see a doctor, and live beyond her 52 years.


Time travel - number 4. I’d go warn my daughter not to travel in her boyfriends car one particular day, and then she would still be alive.

TT could also help solve money issues, although as long as I have enough that’s ok.

I’ve never wanted fame, and I’m already quite multi-skilled. 10 years younger is simply not enough, and I’d need at least 30 - speaking as a 61 yo. Still married after 41 years and loving the same person. More languages would be helpful, and is probably the other I’d pick.


There are no words @Ancient_Mariner . I’m glad this has been moved to general discussion, there is nothing humorous about this thread and there is real pain.
A seemingly frivolous idea is very profound.


I was unsure where to put it initially - it was pretty clear how the thread has developed that the initial classification was incorrect.

@Ancient_Mariner - words from us are simply not enough - if I could offer time travel I would.


If only, so sad.


Sorry folks, I didn’t want to put a damper on things. She died in 2005, and time lets one not remember so much - I learned not to play the ‘what if’ game a long time ago.