You couldn't make it up

Now I’ve heard it all…
Not bothered (too much) by the devastation they are causing to the UK over Brexit, political correctness has now just been elevated to a new level in the palace of Westminster.
Not just content to ban the use of the real name of WinCo Guy Gibson’s dog (which this site site won’t let me post) they have now decided that you can no longer order spotted dick in the Palace restaurants…
It has to be spotted richard!!!



Spotted Richard the Thirds?

To be fair the “N” word is deemed totally unacceptable these days so probably appropriate.

But “Spotted Richard” is just ludicrous - why not just call it a suet and fruit pudding?

Mind you if you want to be thoroughly dicked off try this spoof on the New Zealand accent and pronunciation of the word “deck”


I think it is actually the Parliament chefs/restaurant that has changed the name…(not the Palace)…

Makes you wonder about the mentality of the MP’s etc who dine there… except that I hear lots of them are demanding the name be changed back…

so, perhaps they are not all nutters and time-wasters (oops, how could I be so caustic)…:wink:

Yes Carl, but he had the pox (allegedly):grin:

Stories like this are usually apocryphal.

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It was actually mentioned on The Daily Politics show and referred to a
conversation with the Honourable Member for Morley and Outwood

  • mind you, as she is a Conservative MP, those who are renown
    for telling porkies, your analysis of the veracity of the
    story could well be accurate lol

I dont know ANY kiwis who sound like that…and I’m a kiwi! lol. They could have made their point in this idiot spoof in the first ten seconds!

I think that they just wanted to stretch the joke as far as possible :slight_smile: