You may have missed these

I've been away for a week. Thought I'd copy and paste a few stories that you may have missed.

1. Jane Austen tops teacher's favourite - see

2. Howard Jacobson and Michael Frayn in the running for Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction

The winner will have a pig named after their work - see

3.Popular children's book series, Horrible Histories, is to end after 20 years according to author Terry Deary.

He said on his website that he is writing a new range of history books for adults for the next two years.

Horrible Histories has "naturally come to an end," he told the Times. "It has had a good run, it's had a better run than most children's series."

4. Online retailer Amazon has said it will buy Goodreads, a book discovery and recommendation website.

San Francisco-based Goodreads was founded in 2007, has 16 million members and is one of the most prominent online communities for readers. (I don't like the sounds of this - I think amazon has a finger in too many pies and will it just make Goodreads an advertising arm for Amazon?) - see

5. And finally,

Mums are better at developing their child's emotional skills because they tell more heartfelt stories, according to a new study. see -