You need this in your life!

Morning all!
I thought I would share my new ‘find’ with you all. It is truly marvellous and anyone who has children, animals or an open fire needs one.
I am of the opinion that there are better things to do in life than constantly wield the hoover. Having said that, with two dogs, two cats and a horse, there’s a constant need to sweep up.
I’ve tried ‘electric brooms’ (batteries fail) and manual sweeping but this manual carpet sweeper (yup, just like in the good old days) works a treat. It picks up hay, dog hair, bits of dry cat food, those tiny bits of bark that always fall off logs as you are carrying them in, you name it - it deals with it.
It is truly marvellous, cheap as chips and has changed my life! As you can tell, I am a bit evangelical about it…
But joking aside, it’s a great product at a great price. So go on, treat yourself!

Morning Catharine

Now I know that I am getting older when you mention ‘just like in the good old days’. :wink: You see I have always had a manual carpet sweeper and it’s used a lot (well when I feel in the mood to have a tidy) no problems with power cuts, so no excuse for bits on the floors!
Not too sure they were the good old days though as I remember mum boiling up the washing in the copper and helping with the mangle afterwards, really was a day’s work. Now I just throw it all in my machine and 30 mins later it’s all clean and ready to hang up. :slight_smile:

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Morning Ann and Catherine…

This is a great idea !!!

Silly me… I gave mine away when we moved over …now I shall definitely consider buying one… finding it more difficult to use the dustpan and brush (If I get down, I can’t always get up…:laughing: )

(My old one was a Bex Bissell …)

That brings back memories of my grandmother, used to love playing with hers.

You can still get them… this is one we bought in the last few years

Hi Graham
Of course I can’t resist asking …do you use it, or is that ‘women’s work’ ? :rofl:

No, I use it to clear up beard trimmings without the need for the more complex electrical device which only V has a licence for :joy:

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Well Graham, if you trimmed your beard outside there would be no cleaning to do. Also good for the environment, just think of how many nests your trimmings could line ! :dove::hatching_chick::wink:


I use one of these. As I don’t have carpets it does the job brilliantly. Cheap as chips from my local supermarket.

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Well even being somewhat younger, I still find it a LOT easier than a dustpan and brush (even the long handles ones) and it does a better job!

Yes, this is a Bissel too - we did our research!

Better job? How?

Definitely the best …:grin: