You speak English - Could you teach it?

Hi there!

I’ve had a number of people ask me about the ins and outs of teaching English in France and I would appreciate some feedback with regard to a potential 1 day ‘discovery workshop’.

Using my own experience of teaching children and adults within the state system, the private sector and private lessons, my outline programme would include:

Why teach? Pros and cons.

What to teach: outline programmes for different levels.

How to teach it: Variety of approaches for children/ adults/ individual or group lessons.

How to evaluate level/ requirements/ progress

Finding work.

I’m planning to run this over the summer and I’d be grateful for feedback regarding the idea, the programme and potential days/ dates (i.e. Saturday/ Sunday/ Weekday/ early/ mid/ late summer.

Many thanks


PS If I run with this there WILL be paid for adverts on SFN :slight_smile: Thanks Catharine and James for making this possible!

Thanks very much for your input everyone - much appreciated! - Hilary

Hello Hilary,
I’ve wondered about teaching English too. I teach Yoga here at our Centre where we live in the Gers, but I’ve been a primary school teacher in the UK. I love working with children, but not in a classroom, so I did also train to teach ‘Forest School’ which is a brilliant way of allowing children to explore/play/learn in an outdoor environment. I had thought about offering Forest School to French children, teaching them in English. Its far easier to teach and learn a language whilst actively doing something of course.
So a suggestion is to offer an activity as the vehicle for teaching.
And if you need a rest after the event, we have a lovely place to chill, with or without yoga.
Best wishes,

I teach English to adults and to children for school support. Over the years, I’ve struggled my way through most of the problems.
Here are the things that I needed to know before doing this:

  1. classroom experience and activities to make it all interesting

  2. English grammar, even though I’m a native speaker

  3. TEFL/TESOL certification (although that being said, when teaching privately, most students don’t know what this is. I imagine that this would be most useful for teaching in Institutes and private companies.)

  4. Understanding the French school system and the English curriculum for each level from Junior high to High School. This is for providing school support. Often a child/parents won’t have the year-long curriculum, and the teacher may not be able to provide it, so it’s good to get the official one from the Education Nationale.

5)As you mentioned, how to find a job. But more so, what language institutes, private companies and municipalities (GRETA, etc.) are looking for. Also, opportunities within the Education Nationale might be interesting — I know that most schools are desperate for native english teachers but what are the requirements?

These are some of the things that I’ve run into over the years. Hope this can help you.

Thanks Sab i’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Well it sounds like it should be useful to quite a few people Hilary. If you can get them into the same place at the same time (and paying?) to make it worthwhile and possible for everyone. I’ll be interested to see how your idea progresses. :~Sab