YouGov | More French people want the UK to leave the EU than stay in

By 38% to 32%, the people of France want Britain out of the European Union (according to participants).

Just goes to prove how right Charles De Gaulle was in questioning the UK’s entry to the Common Market all those years ago…
The people of France don’t forget easily :grin:

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The people of France have very long memories and do not forget those to whom they owe so much. :grin:

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Interestingly a few of our French neighbours, mostly professional folk, wish Brexit well because they would like Frexit and they know the EU (or USG - the BT’s states of Germany) is a disaster for France and many other countries of the EU.


Presumably they’re still sulking because MLP didn’t win in the French Presidential elections. Luckily they are in the minority.

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Indeed Ian, I have also found the same thing in our neighbourhood. Not just professionals either, but also farmers who quietly view the EU as having been a disaster for France.

Well yes but find me a farmer who will ever admit to having been given enough subsidies :grin:
My interpretation of farmers is that if they complain quietly, they know they’ve actually done rather well but they don’t want the world to know. When they feel they have a real grievance (eg milk prices, which are not an EU issue) they don’t keep quiet about it, they go out and burn a few tyres and do escargots.

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Most people I know understand but think the UK is barking mad. As for farmers wanting to leave, my family here are farmers and that isn’t the case. The reaction I get from those around me (French family and friends and business collegues) is that although they don’t particularly like the EU, they understand that they’re better in than out.
As for wanting the Brexit, I think most continental europeans want to see the back of the UK because of the hassle, problems the UK has caused and special benefits and treatment that it has received during its membership, a sentiment that I can quite understand!


I agree Andrew, re continental Europeans wanting to see the back of the UK re hassle.

I’m pro EU (you would never of guessed…) and I’m sick to the back teeth of how much our UK politicians abused our position and ‘uneducated’ our citizens on the basic benefits/democracy of the EU (both main parties)

How many times have I heard on the UK radio from callers to the talkshows, that we don’t elect anyone to the EU… Doh !!

This basic lack of information /education was exploited of course, (very well) by the Leave Side. The Pro Remain side were just useless (my former boss was head of it and he was 'ducking useless - He could not remember the name of the organisation, he was leading…)

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