Young French guy wants to work in the UK - please share!

Hello all,

My friends’s (very nice!) 21 year old son wants to go to the UK for the next 12 months (possibly longer) to live / work and improve his English.
He has a driving licence, first aid qualifications, became a Sgt and wanted to be a helicopter pilot before being turned down due to a slight physical issue. Since leaving the military, he’s worked in sales and is happy to do pretty much anything in the UK, including au-pair work.
He loves animals (his dad is a vet) and is very practical, computer literate and not afraid of hard work.
He’s even managed to survive working in Toys R Us so that says something!
If you know anyone in the UK who might have something suitable or who might know someone, please pass this on and feel free to share on FB etc etc etc.
Feel free to message me if you need more information or can help and I will put you in touch.
Thank you very much !

The people who are snapping up EU staff in desperation are care homes and domestic aid agencies and so on. Equally if he wants to live in London there is a huge shortage of live in au-pairs and nannies so he could probably get signed on with an agency in minutes. Bit late as school year has just started, but worth a try.

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I suggest he tries Ireland Catherine, loads of opportunity in Dublin.

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Good suggestion - thanks!

Hi , my daughter in Exeter England is looking for an au pair for her two school age children. Can you provide a contact email,please?
Diane Willsteed

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Brilliant - thank you. He is