Young, gorgeous spaniel abandonned, and in need of help

This 2/3 year old dog has been abandonned since the beginning of July, extensive searches have been made to find the owner but no one is claiming her. She is very calm, doesn't move from the step where she has found refuge and where she is being fed for the moment, has encountered cats and other dogs with no malice at all. In short, she is adorable; At present with no identification, she will be microchipped etc before finding her new home.

Please help if you can - call Lynn on 05 63 94 73 97

What fabulous news!!

Happy news - this lovely dog has found a new home not far from our Cat rescue centre.

Same problem Nigel, but could possibly be transported if this was a solution for her, she arrived with bleeding pads and very thin, so obviously been fending for herself for a while, and probably why she doesn't want to move from the doormat!! She has such a gentle nature and kind face, don't you think?

If you are really interested I'll find more details on whether someone can meet you somewhere - perhaps send me a personal mail?

Thank you!!!