Young persons rail card or equivilent ....?


I can’t seem to find any information on the SNCF website about a discount card or young persons rail card, and as it’s a bit of a drive to go to the nearest station and find out face to face - does such a thing exisit here?

Our son has just started as an internat at lycée and although we’re happy to drive him to statr with we want him taking the train before too long on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

If there is such a card what is it called and can you tell me how much it is and what discount it then offers?

Many thanks Liz

Not 100% sure but i think the terms and conditions are in their help section.

Thanks for the link, it’s very helpful,there is a card for 49EU that gives between a 25 - 60% discount, but no details or restrictions…

Hi Liz

it’s the “Abonnement Elèves, Etudiants et Apprentis”.

More info for you here…