Your Favorite Poster


(anon88888878) #1

I always, always had wanderlust and this is one of the posters that inspired me to follow my dream. The Art of Travel , Norman Parkinson 1951


(anon54681821) #2

i love cinema posters there are so many hard to choose.

First film we went to actually see at a cinema that I can remember was Mary Poppins but all time: Day of the trifids and war of the world both old school

(James Higginson) #3

I couldn’t find the exact one I was thinking of but it was something like this

(James Higginson) #4

This is one of my favourites having worked on the Norway in the 90s

She was renamed SS Norway but was previously the SS France

(James Higginson) #5

A few from around the house which I love too, one is not a poster, but should be imo!

(James Higginson) #6

This is fun too, by our very own @Neil_Whitehead1

(James Higginson) #7

Some of the Hitchcock artwork is fabulous too, I’ll dig some out tomorrow. Great post!

(David Martin) #8

I’ve only got one poster hanging in my house, this one from a couple of years ago.

(Chris Kite) #9

We need some artwork for our kitchen. Always liked this but not sure my choice will be acceptable…

(Ann Coe) #10

I have this in my downstairs toilet …(quality of photo not good)

(Peter Bird) #11

My favourite poster is Simon,

is there another poster with so much charm, wit and erudition ?

(anon88888878) #12

LOL - thanks Peter - cheque in the post! :slight_smile: Enjoy your Sunday!!

(Peter Bird) #13

Prefer cash please mate, yer last cheque bounced …

(Mary Wolcott) #14

(Ann Coe) #15

I have exactly the same poster Mary :slight_smile:

(Paul Flinders) #16

There are lots of minor variations depending on the particular exposition, all are good works of art IMHO

(anon54681821) #17

hahah was just thinking the same but mine would be a mix of a few folks.

(Norman Clark) #18

I go back even further in my favorites (note all my books on Posters on I have over 18,000 images in my files yes, Eighteen Thousand so definitely not an easy choice although I admit to not keeping photographic posters as I was an commercial artist myself, so a prejudiced in favour of people who used pencils, pens and brushes, which puts my appreciation more in the pre-War days and earlier Overall the Munich School stand out Hohlwein, Hans Rudi Erd etc. The Italians produced the most brilliant ‘works of art’, As I write I am just sorting out a couple: How do you add an image here?

(anon88888878) #19

Norman hello - one of the ways to add an image is to upload it from your computer using the ‘up-arrow’ 38 in the reply / edit box

(Peter Bird) #20

Happy Birthday Norman.:balloon::clinking_glasses: