Your favourite cheap wine - under €3

We all love a bottle of good wine and even better if its cheap! Hoping to discover some other gems, Leader Price do this Corbieres for about €1.85 and its really good stuff. They never have as much of this as the other varieties and it’s full bodied without being in your face. Probably some chateau overproduction!

Hopefully other SFNers will share their faves!


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Costiere de Nimes and Batturica are2 great reds at Lidl for under 3€

For the everyday stuff, we drink a local Co-op wine. 3 litres for €7.50 or so. It's the Tornac co-op in the Gard. What's more is it comes in 3 colours and it's organic, so it's good for you!

We brought 90 litres of it to the Uk for our wedding in May, along with 72 of their €6-a-bottle Chardonnay blanc-de-blanc.

We don't buy supermarket wine as there is so much good stuff locally. We do sometimes splash out and pay as much as €6 a bottle, but that's for really special occasions.

There again we have been in a wine cellar where the average value of the bottles is a bit over €2000. Not 100 year old or anything like that, most are under 20 years old. That person gave my OH a bottle as a present, it is shelved in our cellar among the ones from €2 up with a few goodies on the way. The bottle in question is worth about €180 to €200. The day we open that I will up the ante on my normal single glass every few weeks and leave the Vichy in the fridge!

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A favourite in our household is the 'Les Ormes de Cambras' Merlot, which is really smooth and easy to drink. Around the €2,70 mark and even better when on the 3 for 2 offer in Carrefour or Leclerc.


In the summer I buy Rosé call led Éclat Rosé and another called Madame S… Both nice light summery rosés both under 3€…

Agree wholeheartedly re: Roche Mazet. Such great value at about 2.80€ a bottle for some decent enough everyday wine! (But not in boxes…)

Most vineyards sell wine 'en vrac'. You will need to bottle it yourself but the machine is sold in all the big supermarkets, not expensive,easy to use,and once you have it,it lasts forever. French friends introduced us to system in the early nineties and our equiptment is still fine. The advantage of this method is that you can taste the wine at the vineyard and when you're travelling restock your cave so you always have a variety. Prices vary with age of wine but there is always something drinkable around the €1.50 a litre. This method also enables you to buy to quality wines below their bottled price too!

( And for a change, Lidl has some excellent Spanish reds at under €3 a bottle)

Hi Anne,

Check out Sainsbury's own label.... I was convinced once I heard the Jeremy Vine show on Radio2 when he had a sommelier on to do a blind taste test.... He chose the Sainsbury's label every time!!!

Terreo a 2014 Malbec from Leclerc a gold medal winner at €2.99

So envious of all your good priced wine.

In the UK (for now) and it does annoy me having to pay £7 + for anything worth drinking.

While the sun is shining, Cabernet d’Anjou.

Currently we're drinking "Charentais" from the local Intermarchés, a nice demi sec white at €2.24...

Would have to agree with Tony M...Roche Mazet available in most supermarkets in any colour.....the chardonnay is really nice!

down here in Lodeve we either buy boxes or get a 10 litre container filled up at the Cave... My nephew a professional Sommollier in a top London Restaurant could not believe the quality/value and the grapes are grown within 500 meters of my house.

For RED Domaine ds Lauzes incredible light quaffing red tastes of GRAPES and no tanin 7 Euros 5 litre box

ROSE Les Clos de Peyrottes a gris(grey) rose with a delicios citrus light flavor hard not to drink by the gallon 10 10 euros 5 lire box

White nobody drinks white here! But if they do various Picpoul de Pinets at a pricy 3,50 euros...

the cheap Languedoc wines have improved immensely over the last 10 years

However I think the fine wines here are overpriced and not a patch on Burgundy or Bordeaux but thats because the grapes get loads more sun here giving them those complex berry flavours like NEW WORLD wines which are not to my taste.

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Chilean red Cabernet Sauvignon in Lidl, 2.45

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Roche Mazet, in red the Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, in white Sauvignon, all superb and well under €3. Only buy the bottles as the 3L Carton doesn't taste as good, available at most supermarkets.

Aldi do a white Cotes De Gascogne for about €2 also quite drinkable.

For those who live near Carcassonne I would like to recommend the Domaine St James winery (misspelt on one signpost as Jammes) which is on the left when driving from Alzonne to Montolieu on the D8. Take your own container and buy 10L of delicious red for 15 euros.

I love Le Croix du Pin Merlot in a box works out at about 2.75€ per litre. I get it in Intermarché but I think its available elsewhere. One advantage is that you don't feel the need to finish the bottle, on the other hand sometimes iots more a matter of not being limited to a bottle!

That is a bottle between two, but I probably drink 2 to 3 bottles a week. I think that counts as moderate

Where can it be purchased???