Your ideal wedding scene?

As the topic reads. And if you’ve already get married, were you disappointed about something?

are you a wedding planner …by any chance?
There is a chareau just outside st emilion which is really stunning…
and my place is n ot so bad !

We have been married for 41 years.
We had our reception at home, in the house.
We cooked it ourselves. We had a huge buffet with a Lune Salmon, Gammon and Roast beef plus all the salads to go with it, desserts etc.
I knitted my own wedding dress and hat.
IMHO far too much money is spent on weddings nowadays.


We did the same Jane. I have a view, perhaps a little cynical, that the more spent the less likely the marriage to survive.


Yes David perhaps a little cynical but you could be right.
Great food, great company, music and some alcoholic beverages…that makes a
good celebration.
No need for the 50.000 on wedding celebrations and getting loans from banks to provide
Or, perhaps a pacs …like us. We celebrate with friends when the time is right.

I forgot to say that our honeymoon was five days in the Cotswolds, not some highly expensive tropical island.

5 days in the Cotswolds… Luxury…

We got “sent” to Tunisia by my family, must have been the cheapest holiday ever, it was bloody atrocious. We walked out of the hotel after one night, it was like a prison camp, Windows boarded up, slops to eat, dirty beds etc, and found another much better one, they paid for a taxi to take me back to the original to pick our bags up. Had a massive bill at the end but by then didn’t really care

Marriage number 1 -

Full white wedding paid for by outlaws, marriage only lasted five years as I was not deemed good enough but neither was husband number 2, she’s now on number 3.

Marriage number 2 -

Florida courthouse at 8.30 in the morning, took 20 mins with only me, wife and kids present and cost about $80. Went to the beach with a picnic, kids moaned so came back early but took the scenic route to wind the kids up even more, went ten pin bowling followed by a meal at our favourite restaurant.Had a celebration at our house for family and friends when we got back to the UK. Still married although wife threatens divorce almost daily.

We got married on a beach in the tropics - witnesses were people we’d just met. No family. No fuss. A wedding is a day but a marriage is (hopefully) a lifetime …

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Nicely put Sandy.
Well we are not married as such but been together for so very long and through so
many ups and downs.Life is just like that…great times and holidays and problems seem
to find us all. Since we arrived here in France we have created a pacs, Do you really need
a big party where most people get drunk…just to show that you have found a soul mate?
We will have a party in May to celebrate a few events including the fact that we would have lived
in France for 10 years.
It will be exciting as we will welcome friends to be with us to enjoy some good food and togetherness
and our friends will make their way from Australia and Europe.
Just perfect.