Your 'Mutuelle' or top up health cover explained. Plus how you can improve it


(Fabien Pelissier) #21

Can’t agree more… I like to think that ‘cheap’ products are actually quite expensive over time :wink:

(maggi bloice) #22

Now thats odd, because my current advisor said exactly the same thing, however as has since been proven with Allianz this is definitely not the case - and believe me I did exactly that ie I cancelled and then sent the letter via registered post the day after I received the details of the increased premium, (in December) and Allianz refused to cancel as my contract they said was not subject to the loi chatel - even with the power of the broker behind me, it made not one jot of difference thus I am still with Allianz until the end of my contract on the 31st of December - and yes there are plenty of brokers who tried to persuade me to sign up before but I am way too cautious to do that. As for you get what you pay for - as discussed before - I do not believe the get what you pay for scenario - I still like to do my own research and hope I am capable enough to get a better deal for me - re long term brokers, my own local one (car and buildings only now) leaves a lot to be desired - after all they speak english and are soo busy dont you know…I hope I have the wherewithall to do my own research - I have no regrets so far… Mr Lees - re being in business - ok so that is true but my business was the business of financial advice - different ball game from buying a mower battery. Fabien Pelissier - Re cheap products over time, seriously - we are talking mutuelles and top up policies here not cheap products at all…and after my research you certainly do not get what you pay for from different companies - it is not a level playing field.

(Fabien Pelissier) #23

For the sake of the conversation I won’t be arguing with you @maggib but I do agree with @Graham_Lees as services (whatever they are with a bank, lawyer, insurer, etc.) are just like any other products and I do think like Graham that if one go for the cheapest end it might prove to be much more costly ultimately. Especially regarding advices as it takes only one thing that’s been overlooked to get the whole service wrong :wink:

(Fabien Pelissier) #24

Im glad you found what you were looking for and are happy with your own findings. That’s the beauty of having the choice with your provider, there is something for everyone :wink:

(Graham Lees) #25

Don’t you just love experts who know everything…
Many years ago my B-I-L travelled half way round Essex to save about a £1 on a garden fork. Must have spent at least 10 times that on petrol but yes, he made a saving.
Perhaps with your superior knowledge and expertise, you should set up an alternative service to Fabien (only just don’t expect me to excited enough to change my allegiance).
What I do subscribe to is the notion that an expert can be broken down into two component parts… ex (as “has been”)and spurt (a drip under pressure).

(maggi bloice) #26

Don’t you just love folk who contribute to a forum and can debate without resorting to insults. I am so sorry you consider me a “has been” - still I will “survive”. Oh wait a minute I did not realise this debate was actually an advertisement for Fabien’s services - seriously sorry now to have intruded.

(Fabien Pelissier) #27

@maggib sorry if you feel offended but I don’t think I’ve insulted you in any way. If you’ve perceived my words as such you have my most sincere apologies as this wasn’t the intent. As to the advertisement just know that I’ve never asked for any of this, the comments in here are 100% organic I haven’t paid or asked for any endorsement or comment. That being said I won’t be commenting / arguing any further as it feels like the quality of the conversation is quickly deteriorating and again my initial intend was to provide a positive contribution not open up a debate. Cheers and love to everyone involved in the conversation :wink:

(Graham Lees) #28

I am only giving credit where it is due. I have no professional connection with Fabien just don’t like to see him dissed when he has provided us with an exceptional service and that is worthy of note. There are many members on this forum who too have enjoyed Fabien services so I am not alone in this view. You clearly don’t like being challenged so like others have done I shall leave this discussion so you revel in your own self importance.

(Graham Lees) #29

@fabien I don’t see that you have anything to apologise for.

You told it like it is just as you were brutally honest with us about our options and we have no regrets about following your good advice as we will again, I am sure.