Your old posts: do you ever read them, and rate them? 🤔

Now and then I get notified of a response, and, when I read the relevant comment, am surprised to realise that I don’t recognise myself as the author. Some date back quite a long time ago, and am a prolific poster, if not always very well informed or directly to the point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some of my comments seem to have been made by a stranger, although I vaguely recognise the style. Others show an admirable perspicacity and pithininess.

Am I pithy, to be pitied, or piss poor (or all three)?

Does this question strike a chord out there with anyone else (re themselves)? :hugs::grinning:

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Never look back Peter :astonished::wink:


So you don’t use your rear-view mirror, Lily, except when preparing to overtake? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes Peter, I do sometimes come across some earlier posts and think “did I write that, I mean actually write that!”
Sometimes I surprise myself with the wit and knowledge displayed - other times I cringe…
On other occasions I duck from the imaginary swipe of a cricket bat from @Stella and @cat but these days less often [ enter “nods in approval emoticon required” here).


no but I still retain the same

thoughts :thought_balloon:

I still believe in spite of everything I am glad to have chosen to be in France
Bergerac Airport lives on

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No Peter, life’s far too short…

life is very complex not short

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I’m afraid it was for my lovely wife Barbara, 56 is far too short a life !


You are right, Peter, and I offer my measly sympathies, losing your wife at that age is a cruel thing, when life and love are often just coming into full bloom, and a deeper appreciation of each other’s importance.


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i don’t look back at old posts, as i know i have made an arse of myself on far too many occasions, to want to be reminded!

i wonder just how many of us use sf for sheer companionship or how many to show off (just a bit)

how many of us are simply lonely and seeking some human contact,

facebook and similar sites don’t have the more friendly intimacy of sf, and it is easy to think of others here as friends - even when we fall out over something
we all need a kind word every so often don’t we,

(still cant type a question mark - any keyboard shortcuts anybody)


Frankly, the way you are typing is amazing. Well done !
Using a line-ending as punctuation works fine IMO, in fact it works so well that I hadn’t noticed the lack of question marks… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

I find this resource useful… (click on the blue “this”)

In the linked page, left click on the symbol with your mouse (it will say “copied”) and then right click mouse and paste (thus ?). There’s a whole range of useful symbols to work with…
I suggest you bookmark the page in your browser for easy access/use :wink:

Read old posts - occasionally.

Rate them, hell no - far too many :slight_smile:


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My motives are mixed but there is a heavy dollop of showing off in several, and I tend to approve my own use of language. More people tell me that they enjoy it than otherwise, but that’s obviously a very dodgy criterion to judge it by.

Mainly I write to help clarify my thinking which tends to sprawl and luxuriate and defy efforts to bring critique or discipline to bear. But by reading over what I’ve written I can figure out undercurrents and unattended preoccupations, concerns, contradictions and conflicts, and act on the awareness thus brought to attention.

I am a very visual person (an over dominant left cortex) and a poor listener. I try to improve my listening by translating what I hear into a string of words that I can visualise at the top of my visual field, and thus ‘read’ like a teleprinter. It sometimes works well, and I use it in critical conversations with my OH and my children.

Trying to listen and respond to questions has always caused me anxiety, and I often misrepresent to my true feelings if required to do so under pressure. I generally avoid telephone conversations. Email and such social platforms/developments have been a help to me in widening my interests and my circle of friends.

I enjoy the opportunity to communicate in English with adults, native speakers who aren’t already in my group of friends/family, who can probably enlighten me on all sorts of topics and possibly undo a bit of confirmation bias. And make more friends, albeit virtual :grinning:


thanks for this graham i will play around with it aftern the ‘stormtroopers’ visits this morning! nb my affectionate name for the home nurses and physio who visit every other day!

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interesting reply peter; i too am intensely visual, but i think there has always been a bit of a showpony there as well; i loved lecturing with both large(ish) audiences and classes of around ten to twenty students; the latter loved to try and catch me out which kept me on my toes:

here i admit to looking for companionship more than anything, mainly as my deafness isolates me from so much else;