Your photos - beautiful or interesting skies

(Mandy Davies) #1

Continuing the series with the theme of beautiful or interesting skies inspired by a ferocious thunderstorm this afternoon and a very angry looking sky.

Below is a picture taken today just after the thunderstorm. The clouds were just beautiful although, sadly, the picture doesn’t do them justice.

Please share your photos, I love to see them.

(Mandy Davies) #2

Here is another one. Beautiful sunset looking north west.

(Mandy Davies) #3

Lastly, for now. I know I’ve posted this here before but it’s my favourite photo of the sky I’ve ever taken. Bay of Biscay from a P&O ferry in May 2006.

(Bill Morgan) #4

Threatening sky or not, is that a rainbow ?

(Mandy Davies) #5

That’s extraordinary!! Fabulous sky. Definitely a rainbow :rainbow:

(stella wood) #6

That’s definitely the aurora of an unidentified invisible craft coming gently through the clouds…

Or, on the other hand… it might just be something else… :relaxed:

(Bill Morgan) #7

Thats one of Babeths pics, taken when ‘Enedis’ were installing their ‘linky meter’, in a friends holiday home, ‘any connection’ do you think Stella? :thinking:

(Helen Wright) #8

This one was like a sudden dividing line in the sky as storm clouds rolled in…

(Helen Wright) #9

This one I like because I felt it was my focus on it that formed my initial…lol…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #10

And these two…”The Dragon” was here…and “The Eagle” was in UK…x :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #11

Lovely photos Helen. Thank you.

(Bill Morgan) #12

Do love the eagle (Babeth)
Here is a sunset in a bottle

(Bill Morgan) #13

Just want to be ‘clear’, all my pics are not mine, they are Babeths :slightly_smiling_face:

(David Martin) #14

I only had my phone with me and couldn’t do the view justice.

(Mandy Davies) #15

Lovely Bill.

(Mandy Davies) #16

Beautiful David. Looks like the sky is on fire. Thanks.

(anon88888878) #17

We’re so spoilt to get magnificent sunrises - at home and on holiday :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #18

Gorgeous. Thanks Simon.

(Terry Williams) #19

Kenya, overlooking the N gong Hills outside Nairobi

(anon88888878) #20

Wonderful Terry - I always tried to take a trip out to Karen Blixen’s house when on a layover in Nairobi - magical place ‘at the foot of the Ngong Hills…:slight_smile: Happy memories…