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(Elisabeth Morgan) #22

That is familly, but honestly can’t tell you who is who, just know it’s dad side, but I like this picture for a bit of history

(Véronique Langlands) #23

A busy little child of about 3 and a half chasing a deerhound

(Bill Morgan) #24

Poor lad! Bit older Mandy, He must have seen a bit of the effect of the War too, I think things were easier in Whitehaven.
I was in shorts ‘til 14, School Uniform.
And a Public School a couple of miles away, St Bees’, the lads were in shorts 'til 18, no one took the ‘mickey’ :neutral_face:, tough lads, great Rugby Team. :+1:

(Mandy Davies) #25

Another cutie. Great photo Vero.

(Bill Morgan) #26

She still is a little ‘cutie’ Mandy :heart:

(Mandy Davies) #27

Yes Bill. He was born 1942 and didn’t meet his Dad until 1946 when he (finally) was de-mobbed. His Mum gave him the same name as his Dad in case he didn’t come home from the war. I can’t imagine how hard those years were.

(Bill Morgan) #28

That just says, ‘Don’t mess with Me an’ me Dug’ :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Kite) #29

Fortunately, my mother threw out the early pics of me so I haven’t got anything too embarrassing to post…:wink:

(Graham Lees) #30

My Mum and Dad in the 1940’s on their wedding day I believe. I was not born until 1951

(Bill Morgan) #31

Ah! You’re just being coy matey :grin:

(Bill Morgan) #32

Hard to imagine, Dad did the full six years, Dunkirk the start, leaving my Big Bro’, a baby, must have been so hard for our Mothers, wondering if Hubby would return, unimaginable for me I’m afraid.
My Dad didn’t come back in ‘great shape’, their relationship suffered for quite a while, I gathered.:thinking:

(stella wood) #33

This will give you all a laugh… it must have been a “special occasion” as I was dressed smartly in school frock and sandals, yet on the beach… :open_mouth:

and, better still I was having a ride on a donkey… something my parents could not afford… which is why I think that particular day we must have had visitors (who had more money than we did)… :wink::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:!

(Bill Morgan) #34

Lovely pic Stella :hugs: You look like you enjoyed the treat!

(Mandy Davies) #35

My Granddad did 6 years as well. They got married in 1941 during a period of brief leave and my Dad arrived a year later. It must have had a terrible effect on all families involved especially when men didn’t come home or came home damaged. Your poor Dad, bless him.

My Nan and Granddad on their wedding day.

(Mandy Davies) #36

Wonderful photo Stella.

(Bill Morgan) #37

What a Happy Day that looks, for all involved Mandy :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane Jones) #38

@Mandy_Davies His family emigrated to what was then Rhodesia in 19th century and were farmers, so no idea why the leopard as they certainly weren’t rich leisured people who went hunting for fun. In all the photos we have Dad was in a dress, maybe because it saves on nappies? You can just plonk child on the ground, like they also used to do in China.

(Bill Morgan) #39

When I think, it was a huge step for a woman to get married then, possible Kids?, with no Dad to provide, that was Courageous :+1:

(Paul Flinders) #40

A couple of years ago I asked my father if I could have the old family photos to digitise, turns out he destroyed them all. I could understand if their content upset him (he never really got over mum leaving him) but why not ask me if I wanted them, if he did not.

As a result I have no photos of my childhood.

It is one of the many things that I cannot, and will not, forgive him for.

(Bill Morgan) #41

That’s really sad Paul, my sis has all of ours, 'cept literally, one or two, never offered copies or whatever.
Represents, a lot of missing memories. :thinking: