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(Mandy Davies) #1

It’s been a while since we have had a new one of these so here’s my latest category. I was going through some old photos and found some lovely family photos, baby photos etc. So I thought it would be lovely to see some of your family pictures or pictures with people important to you or just lovely pictures of yourself.

To start us off here is me being angelic when black and white photos were all we had.

(Ann Coe) #2

Lovely idea Mandy …:slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #3

Here’s another one. My Dad and me (and Mum’s hands and knees) at Christmas in glorious 1970’s technicolour. That wallpaper!!!

(Ann Coe) #4

I just happen to have this one on my computer of my mum and dad before they were married. Will have to look through a few boxes for others but after the weeken, off to prepare for a Brocante :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #5

How lovely Ann. Your Dad was a bit dashing!!

(Ann Coe) #7

Oups I deleted my post instead of editing it !
Yes Mandy, he was 21 years old here and mum was 18 years old. She is (so I am told, I wasn’t there) clutching in her hand a pair of silk stockings bought for their wedding. :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #8

We had worse wallpaper than that believe me ! Pity really because dad was quite an artist and had painted some lovely murals on our distempered walls. Really got me itching to dive in the photos, I will have to spend an afternoon with mum going through them all sometime. Off now to load the car up !

(Elisabeth Morgan) #9

I can’t hide the fact I was born in the 70th !

My Mum, Dad and me in the air !

(Elisabeth Morgan) #10

Bill young Hells Angels

The start of his maritime career

(Jane Jones) #11

The small child in a dress is my dad, with his father. I never met him, or my father’s brother (on the left) as they both died whilst my dad was still a toddler.

(Mandy Davies) #12

Fabulous photos Babeth. You were a little cutie weren’t you. Loving the 70’s clothes. Why did people dress young boys in shorts, shirt and tie back then?

(Chris Kite) #13

I particularly like Bill’s sandals…:wink:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #14

Incredible picture Janes ! A bit of history there !

(Mandy Davies) #15

What an incredible way to dress a young boy. That hat as well, where was this taken?

Can’t help but be distracted by that poor leopard :cry:

(Bill Morgan) #16

We wuzz dragged up proper in Whitehaven Mandy :hugs:

(Bill Morgan) #17

On ‘Cutty Sark’!
I was ‘trendy’ then Chris :rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #18

Your parents certainly wanted you to look smart. Here’s a photo of my Dad, probably about the same age as you in those photos. He would have been 76 if he was still alive so I imagine about the same age as you.

Similar outfit but much older, tattered clothes. He lived in poverty in the East End of London for most of his early years.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #19

My grand dad (my father’s dad), in WW1

(Elisabeth Morgan) #20

My grand dad’s brother, who sadly died during WW1

(Bill Morgan) #21

A better Europe now, thank God :rose: