Your projects

Who's working on what at the moment? I'm waiting for planning permission before I can do much else! What are you all up to?


Oh and as you can see it's brilliant sunshine and I'm in tee shirt lovely and warm. We're in for a shock when Winter comes.

And the real thing with a coat of thinned paint. Second coat later. Should receive the extractor tomorrow :D

Working on a canopy extractor with the motor in the loft as we have open plan living. Here's a JPEG of the model I've just constructed on 3D package. The hole to the loft goes through the ceiling just in front of the gap at the right. Fortunately the VMC is there and I'm going to use the existing hole, although I will have to enlarge it for a 200mm tube to the extractor motor.

My latest project is more-or-less finished; having had the South wall professionally re-pointed it showed up the North wall. Since my house is "blottie dans la colline" at that end the walls are not very high, so I resolved to have a go myself.

The old render was in a poor condition near the ground, but the upper part of the wall was in good condition and included some geometric features that I wanted to retain. So I decided to strip the render and re-point the lower part of the wall, leaving the upper part which I would paint with a Pliolite façade paint.

I used a Rénocal - a 2:1 hydraulic lime:white cement mix with plasticisers - together with sable gris. It was
easy to work and stayed workable for a couple of hours, even in hot conditions.

Well, it kept me out of the pub...

Waiting for outline proposals from our architect for renovating our Maison de Vigneronne which has been practically abandoned for 50 years. We have lovely wallpapered doors & ceilings, fire damaged kitchen, toilet in a cupboard (this was a 1970's improvement apparently), no bathroom just a room with a sink and the odd little furry friend who lives there.

It's not habitable, the electrics are disastrous, there is lead, asbestos & whatever else makes it a property surveyors Red Alert but as our intention is only to keep the external stone walls (after knocking a few more holes in them for windows), redo the roof & maybe the odd floor but apart from that everything else will be replaced.

Oh and a garden that resembles a wild wood having seeded itself with many trees after years of neglect, there's a well buried somewhere in the garden but we don't know exactly where as it's too covered over to see so we avoid that area.

Timeline will easily be anything between 1-3 years I would think. There's just so much to plan... sometimes my head goes all fuzzy when I try to think about the scale of the project but it will be fun & will create a great family home when we're done.

I will be very soon knocking a wall down raising the existing beam so we can finally get into our new extension and put in our new kitchen,lot of work but will be worth it,so my wife keeps telling me. thank goodness for friends as my oldest is coming out to help me for a few days