Your recommendations please

Until Brexit put a stop to it, we always bought Drontal Worming tablets for our dogs from the UK. Now we need to find where to buy them in France but are having problems in locating a supplier. Amazon do not sell Drontal and we are unsure of the brands they are offering. We don’t want a product in liquid form - we have always given the dogs tablets and we want to continue with that.
Can you recommend a brand/supplier for us please. Thanks for your help.

My thought is to take the packet/whatever to your local Vet or Pharmacy and ask if it is available in France and if not…what is the equivalent in France…

as I say… just a thought.

I know it’s not re dogs… but our pharmacy will sometimes look at a packet of “whatever” and say… ah, that ingredient is not allowed here… but “this is the alternative”…

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Plenty of options online like this but I’d ask your vet and see what they recommend.

We get Drontal from our vet. Twice the price of course! But he’s a great vet so we don’t mind.

Have you checked whether yours sells them?

We get ours from the vet as well.
We have also used Beapar vermifuge for our dog and cats on her recommendation.

Thank you all for your prompt responses.
@ChrisK - We ordered Drontal from your recommendation for Rosie. And because Ruby doesn’t like tablets we’re going to try using a syringe with paste in it from the same company.
Thanks again to all for your input.

There are several online sources pharmacy4pets I think I used - but Google …

Interestingly my own vet (former vet, but he’s a friend and is VERY good at his job so keeps an eye on my fur babies from afar) in the U.K. tends to do the opposite. I have a whole list of things not to accept from the french vet on account of exactly what you say @Stella, the ‘this one isn’t available / allowed, here’s what we use instead’ thing, that he doesn’t rate as as effective or in a few cases he believes (rightly or wrongly) are borderline dangerous. Drontal is one. Without being too specific because, well, people may be eating lol, there are french products that vets here give that he says are nowhere near as effective as Drontal, but it’s just the way they do it here. This is obviously not saying french vets are in anyway not as good, in fact they could well be better than many in the U.K., my local vet here has been exceptional in the care shown, and I’m sure the products are perfectly good generally, I just thought it was an interesting comparison to chime in with.

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I did say it wasn’t re Dogs… :wink:

As far as humans are concerned, I have found French Pharmacists and France in general, to be excellent when it comes to my own health and that of OH… and we are quite happy to accept medications which France authorizes.

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Hi @Rachel05 - your local pharmacy should sell Drontal. We’ve seen dog worming tablet (we’re in 79) available, but also think Amazon Germany might be an option.
Good luck.

I get mine from an international supplyer in Australia. They are (were anyway) much cheaper than here. I never have any difficulty with customs. I got a delivery of worming tabs and Comfortis this week. They are

@Chidders - We’ll be receiving the tablets and paste tomorrow from - a recommendation given by ChrisK. We did look on but did not find any Drontal.
@lasserade - that’s an awfully long way to get your Drontal from. It’s probably the same tablet but the packaging looks different.
Thanks again to everyone for your input.