Your rights as expats to be considered by the High Court in London. Can you help?

Your rights - and those of expats across the EU - are due to be considered by the High Court in London. Its forthcoming decision in October 2016 is almost certain to be reviewed by the Supreme Court by the end of this year.

Lord Justice Leveson recently permitted an association of expats, Fair Deal for Expats, to 'intervene' in a High Court case seeking judicial review of the way in which the UK may lawfully exit the EU.

This is a critical opportunity for your voice to be heard, but naturally a legal action on this scale comes at a price and Fair Deal for Expats needs your support. The association has created a website and by registering there and paying a modest fee in the circumstances, you will be able to assist the legal challenge and put forward your concerns. Please take a look on the following link:

If you click on Why Join/Legal Challenge, you will find more information.

Fair Deal for Expats needs to reach out to as many expats as possible across the EU and will be posting these details in other forums, so apologies if you see them more than once. Many thanks.