Your thoughts about Organising an SFN Quiz Night

I wondered what everyone's thoughts were about the possibility/ interest in starting a quiz night if that's at all possible technically of course. Some social websites have them and appear to be quite successful. Thanks Hayley :)

Sunday afternoon would be good for me


Sorry, I can not make it on weekends :(

Either evening suits me.

Saturday evening please, for me.

Hi James, would love Sunday afternoon... definately be better than Eastenders Omnibus!!!! But I will go with the majority..

Hi everyone, thanks for your interest, if or when we go ahead with this which of the three following options would suit you best? (Not setting a date at this point)



a.) Friday evening

b.) Saturday evening

c.) Sunday afternoon


Just ideas

Maybe if 6 people submitted 6 -10 questions each on different categories then they could play along as well for fun. Then the 6 winners submitted the questions next time. 1 person could volunteer to be the question master and have all the answers, and this could be rotated as well.

Categories could include, Geography, Science, Music, Sport, History, Art & Books. I also think the questions should range in difficulty as I went to one quiz night when lots of the teams couldn't answer most of the questions, and we got very dissolutioned.

Well done Albert (born 1879!) and if it is any other than the Germans, denn bin ich geschafft!

I agree with Maria !!! At first I was on the Norwegian but I think its the Germans :-)

Helping out with this would be a welcome change from "normal" life!

The Germans live in the green house drink coffee smoke Prince and keep Fish....I hope...

Sounds good, can we do it on football nights? Sorry

A fair amount of interest then. Who would like to organise it?

Love quizzes. Can I play too please?

Can I join please..

Yes, we are up for a quiz event. C & G

Good idea - we're in.

I promise i wont use google!

Count me in too