Youth handbell group from Charlotte North carolina on concert tour of France this summer - looking for concert hosts

Hi - I am the director of the Ivey handbell Ringers, a youth handbell choir from First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. This group will be on a concert tour of France this summer, 16-27 June, and I am looking for some churches, community groups or organizations that might be willing to host one of our concerts. As a host all we ask is that you help us find a location for the concert and make sure that there is 24 ft of tables available for us to ring from. We do not charge for the concerts nor do we ask for housing. If possible we ask for a meal prior to the concert for the 11 teens and 2 chaperones. We will be traveling around paris, heading down into Provence via Lyon and then swinging back up the opposite direction to return to Paris.

If you have a church or organization that might be willing to host a concert by this amazing group of teen musicians please contact me at for more information. I really need some help finding hosts!!