YouTube becomes a Pay Channel

How many like me enjoy Youtube? I Watch French Rugby and English Rugby, Watch films of yesteryear and from different countries and research all sorts of subjects and music. All for nothing.

Well those days are drawing to a close and apparently as at 15th January YouTube will become a Pay Channel. It appears that poor old Google who own YouTube is claiming this must happen because of having to pay taxes now in different countries.
Most who use YouTube know one major thing - and that is the content on YouTube is NOT provided by Google or YouTube, but by Companies and individuals all over the World and that Google charge advertising on these sites with a small kickback to those content providers. It is as close to getting money for nothing that exists.
As many of you know I spent a life in Advertising and Marketing, and defend most aspects vigorously, but this is pure unadulterated Corporate Greed by Google.

Nothing will probably change their minds, but of one thing I am certain, I will not put a penny in their pockets, and will stop using YouTube, and advise alternative free channels for the things I seek on these pages. Surprisingly the Internet is even bigger than Google and competition abounds even at a lower level.
I will also resign my Google and GoogleChrome services and go back to Microsoft - who might not be so very different but are not quite as obscenely rapacious as Google.

It’s a great pity that’s happening, I won’t pay for it either. I wonder what will happen to all the links posted on here

Where did you read that Norman? I would have thought it would be big news but can’t seem to find anything about it.

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All I’ve ever seen is that Google are introducing a pay option for those people who do not like the adverts. A link to anything that confirms that it is going to become a subscription only service would be useful. It would not be the end of the world but it can be useful at times, like a couple of days ago when I wanted to see Tottenham’s seven goals.

I have found that the french- based site “dailymotion” is quite good - I was able to watch the whole of series 1 of Amazon’s “Man in the High Castle” on it when it first came out.

That’s my understanding as well.

I find having a good ad blocker tames YouTube advertising quite a bit - although they are getting wise to this and persuading content makers to put a plug in for stuff in the middle of a video that you want to watch.

Most people won’t need this anyway.

My wife (French) told me it was announced this morning on her French radio station she has on most days - and from whom I get most of my French news. As she reported to me ‘Youtube becomes a Pay Channel as from January 15th’. No mention of a ‘red option’ or anything like that.

Take a look …if you want premium then you pay, seems fair to me. I don’t so I won’t, and will continue with the service they still provide for free !

If they were providing the content I would agree, but they are not. They provide a platform and make money from what other people place there by putting the ads. in - this is what the ‘subscribe.’ buttons are all about. Then they pay a ‘commission’ to the content providers whilst they rake in the advertising revenues. In other words they are already making money anyway.

I wonder if the content providers will see anything more? - (No I don’t!)

I believe its totally not worth it…