Youtube Censorship?

Anyone know if its possible that Yt can take your post down without telling you? Only I posted something ,not exactly mainstream, on a video of Trump, with not a swear word in sight, which is unusual for me :grinning:.
Now I cant seem to find it

If you have left a comment on a video, whoever put the video up has the ability to remove comments.

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Thanks Chris, that’ll be it then.

Post removed by a supporter of the free world :rofl:

I have had a similar (but not the same) experience of Facebook, which I only joined recently in order to connect to long lost family, and posted the video that I put on here and elsewhere. The one about the ‘invisible’ soldier in a busy town entitled ‘no need for words’.

When I looked yesterday it wasn’t there, but the supportive comments of several people about it, still were.

I don’t understand Facebook, funny old world. :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the democratic experts at google and Facebook! They do not find right wing extremists and Trump, but regular people are not allowed to voice their opinion!

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Well this right wing extremist went back to look after my post of yesterday, and it’s back. Perhaps they temporarily took it down in order to check its credentials. :laughing: :laughing:

But Facebook is a mystery to me. I joined a month or so ago to re-contact my step children in Nottingham. I was immediately presented with a long list of people I might know and want to be ‘friends’ with. I clicked on a few and recieved a couple of encouraging replies.

The next day I logged on and was faced with a banner telling me that I was banned for life for breaking community rules. :astonished: This meant that I couldn’t reply to people who had welcomed me in when accepting my friend request, so presumably thought I was ignorant in the extreme.

I contacted my son who is an IT teacher in Thailand and he gave ,me the email address of his step brother in Nottingham. After emailing him he made a search for me on FB and lo and behold, I was back in. :roll_eyes:

So, very wary about what I do I just exchange chats and post a little update of my life here from time to time . Then I was suddenly faced with a pop up encouraging me to accept a ‘friend’ from my ex wife. I accepted, as I didn’t want to offend and as our very limited contact over the years has always been friendly, only to find her accepting my friend request. I thought I was accepting hers. :astonished:

What is the point of ‘friends’ ? My son says it is all to do with FB making money from advertising, don’t ask me how, but I won’t be doing anymore, exchanging messages and seeing everyboy’s updates without being ‘friends’ seems the way to go.

Bizarre is the most appropriate word I can find to describe it. :laughing:

I play on facebook for the marketplace only, (motorbikes an stuff like that, but there are no bargains anymore, however, after I had a break from it for a couple of years, I noticed that all the “people I might know” were of a darker skin than what I’d been used to and there were hundreds of them, to the exclusion of any white people. How does that work?

This is not about race, its just how, and who ,decided that they might want me as a friend. They really need a “Blind Date” researcher on the job :grinning: