Zero Turn v Lawn Tractor?

Just doing some research and I fancy the Zero Turn........I'm told it can tow and cut on slopes, within reason. Also it cuts the mowing time in half!! Sounds good to me!!! The mulching deck is really good and its great for going around trees. doesn't collect too well because of its side shoot, gets clogged-up apparently, and is a bit awkward to get used to.

But there is no substitute for people with the experience of both, any views??


I've got a Stiga Villa 14 HST rear wheel steer frontal cutting mower. After having lots of lawn tractors it's the best mower I have had. It turns on a sixpence, cuts long/short. wet /dry grass. I even use it in the field to cut down nettles & bracken. I tow a 5 ft x 4 ft trailer full of logs with a modified stronger towing hitch. It mulches the grass so no need to collect it. Cuts under hedges. Brilliant piece of kit.