Zinc guttering

I cannot believe it! I'm in full Victor Meldrew mode!

So I need to paint some old zinc guttering and the fascia that supports it, I had the foresight to not paint the new stuff, I'll just leave it bare, no maintenance and doesn't look out the way! Still need to stain the fascia though!

So I'll try again, heres the thing...........to take down the guttering and give yourself an easy job i.e. rub down, undercoat and then top coat on the ground, also leaving the fascia fully exposed to make life easier for rubbing down and staining; you have to take off the first course of roof tiles!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

How blooming crazy is that!!!???

So now I am going to bodge!! You don't know how much I hate to bodge, toshing-in behind the gutter and getting paint on stain and stain on paint, omg!!!

Now, if I were putting up the guttering, I would only use the 2 screw holes at the top of the bracket and not the 1 at the bottom of the bracket. The bottom hole/screw is behind the guttering, so you cannot get at it to take the guttering down!!!

If somebody has the answer without taking down half the roof, please don't spare my feelings, I'd be forever in your debt!!


Thought for the day.

So what if your guttering's bodged. Unless you point it out to anyone only you will know!

Same as the others but if you must, buy a spray paint that says specifically that it will spray onto zinc. It will probably cost you and arm and a leg anyway and put you off. Some of our pipes need replacement because they are buckled, the previous owner of the house who still lives just down the road and is nearly 70 cannot remember them having been done as far back as his memory stretches. Apart from the dents, buckling and the soldered joins coming apart you would never say they could possibly be so old. The stuff lasts almost forever.

Don't paint zinc. There's no need paint won't stick and old zinc and new zinc just weathers nicely. If you're really deep pocketed then copper is the thing. Zinc is great;

Used car salesmen cover up all blemishes with a coat of paint ;-)

Ha Vic - I was about to write the exact same thing! I thought the whole point of zinc was not needing to paint it.

Why paint zinc, it's self colour ? I doubt you'll get paint to stick for long so just paint the facia & be happy. :-)