Zone Bébé Newsletter - Come on over and have a look

Hello to you all.

It has been pretty busy at Zone Bébé this last week. And a load is happening…

The Zone Bébé Facebook page is slowly picking up pace, so why not come by and have a look, or even share it with your friends? There are always useful snippets, tips and links.

And we are always happy to see your comments too.

Zone Bébé’s blog is currently the place to find all newsletters and documents that have been published. A type of repository if you like.

The coming week will also see the introduction of new products:

• Moltex Öko nappies in all sizes

• Essential care Hair Lice treatment oil

(already available:

• Much bigger choice in essential oils and carrier oils, provided by de Saint Hilaire

• And not to forget: the promotion for essential care Avocado Replenishing Cream ( receive a free organic Lip silk) and 10% of all essential care shower gels is still on for another week, as long as stocks last. (

Other news at Zone Bébé include research on the comparison between cloth nappies and disposable ones (the eternal debate, no doubt); research started on carrier slings, as well as training in Aromatherapy.

So loads of info, tips and tricks to look forward to in the coming weeks!

And since I cannot leave you without some reading for the rest of the weekend , here is a report I found dating already way back from 2002 BUT unfortunately no less relevant about ingredients in our commercial cosmetics. I thought it might be a nice change from me always praising Öko-Test reports. This report is in part provided by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Sweden.


Happy Sunday till next week.

Claudia/Zone Bébé

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