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Hello and welcome to another edition of the newsletter!


This week, we have been finalizing the agreement with Moltex Öko and their ecological disposable nappies. So in the next couple of days you will find all sizes on the Zone Bébé website. Prices are quite reasonable so have a look whether this could be something for your baby. Remember, delivery can be arranged within the 06 area.

Also, we are currently researching which reusable nappies to offer at Zone Bébé, if you have good (or bad) experiences with a brand, why not drop me a line?


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The last couple of weeks have been ripe with all sorts of childhood ailments, flu, head lice, and stomach bugs. Chances that those bugs are being transmitted from child to child if your child is at the crèche or at school are high. We had our fair share of sniffly noses, coughs and achy tummies.

Especially an achy tummy is one to watch. Symptoms range from just being bloated, to diarrhoea, vomiting accompanied with loss of appetite, tiredness and generally feeling not on top of the world.

Diarrhoea is generally a way for the body to rid itself of the virus or spoilt food or drink. Not such a bad thing, even though not quite so pleasant for children, ados and adults. But for the tiny members of the family, this could become quite dangerous, since the loss of fluids and with that the loss of important minerals happens rapidly and dehydrates their tiny bodies in no time. Babies under six months should be taken to the doctor. And the first thing for everybody should always be to rehydrate. A good electrolyte solution, available in pharmacies, containing minerals to help rehydrate the body should also be standard feature in every private medicine cupboard. Although they do not influence the length of the diarrhoea attack, generally it lasts three to four days…

In general a tummy ache, be it with the accompanying symptoms or not, is not the easiest thing to deal with. A few useful tools can be found on the Zone Bébé website to help alleviate the pain.

Martina Gebhardt’s Fennel Oil Bath is not only brilliant for a relaxing bath, but also doubles up as a good massage oil to gentle massage the tummy area to help move along any build-up of wind. Mix the oil with 50% of a neutral vegetable oil and apply directly on the stomach. The fennel oil is helpful for any digestive problem.

In order to calm an irritated tummy and rehydrate at the same time, use the Baby Fennel Tea by Lebensbaum. Even internally Fennel does the trick and it is said that children prefer the taste of fennel.

Warmth also helps along a bloated and aching tummy, instead of using the common hot water bottle, use a cherry stone cushion, which can be heated in the oven. It is small enough and not too heavy to perfectly fit little tummies and it gently diffuses its warmth and massages the tummy area at the same time. Plus it has many more virtues, check the website for further uses.

Important: Please do remember though, if you have any doubt, it is imperative to consult a doctor, who can make a correct diagnosis.

Have a good week and brilliant holidays should you be going away.

Claudia/Zone Bébé

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The full article on diarrhoea medicine with the products tested can be read in the guidebook for toddlers of 2010 (N 1010) of Öko-Test:;bernr=07;co=;suche=durchfallmittel

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Hi Jennifer,
good comments there. And for sure breastfeeding shouldn’t stop once the child is ill in any way, since it’s the best adapted nutrition a baby could get. Even used externally against all sorts of skin problems, it’s magic. The test I was quoting (unfortunately in German) did say that most over the counter remedies are not at all useful, and only a few would actually do, what they promised. In any case, a baby under 6 months should always see the doctor in case of diarroea, and I would guess that a good doctor would prescribe something suitable for that age and certainly should not suggest to stop breastfeeding. Using electrolyte solutions are in that case reserved for older babies and toddlers. As for home remedies, I am sure that every grandmother has one (different) recipe hidden somewhere. :wink:
Claudia/Zone Bébé

Thank you for posting this. I am not familiar with a lot of products available here but I have some other thoughts on this.

I have worked with moms and babies for over 20 years, as a lactation consultant and holistic counselor and mentor.

I am always concerned that when moms read about using oral rehydration solutions, they often make the mistake of thinking this applies to all babies. The most important thing to do when a baby is losing fluids is to continue breastfeeding. The advice to use oral rehydration solution is only necessary for babies not fed at breast. It is never appropriate to replace human milk with these solutions.

My favorite rehydration for everyone else is coconut water, which is far healthier and acts far more rapidly than any processed product.

I, too love fennel as a soothing herb for digestion.

My first treatments for tummy, though are castor oil compresses (to which you can add herbs if you like), homeopathic remedies and calcium bentonite (I do not know what brand might be available in France–I use Pascalite from the US). The clay absorbs the toxins and stop the fluid loss, usually right away.

For children with recurrent digestive problems, they are usually dealing with food allergies and will need to explore an elimination of foods, especially dairy and gluten. Sometimes, though, the problem is simply structural and seeing a pediatric chiropractor or an osteopath with solve it.

I have raised three children for over 20 years without ever needing any medicines besides herbs, homeopathy and home remedies, with one exception of abx last year. I have been fortunate to meet quite a few folks in Toulouse and Paris interested in such an approach as well and it’s nice to see this posting here.