Zoo or Animal Sanctuary

Happy Easter Monday to all.

My Son Peter is looking for Voluntary. He loves Animals, and is looking to work either at a Zoo/ Sanctuary.

He is 29years, but must have accommodation. He also has a slight learning difficulty. but looks after himself completely. It would be the first time he will be away from home. Completely Bilingual. Previously he worked voluntary at a holiday Chalet Park for 5 years

If any member has any ideas, or contacts or can help please let me know by PM.

Thank you.

Here's a link to their site and the number is on it. Say hi from me!

Thanks Catherine, do you have a contact number?

Hi Laraine

I suggest you get in touch with Sarah Bird as she may well be able to help. (She's a member but rarely online on SFN as too busy with her camel farm!) xx